Fall 2019, Undergraduate, International Students Admissions Decision

FINAL DECISION (Available after 4PM, April 19th, 2019)

Please visit the website below and click "Admission Result" for International Admissions(Undergraduate).

If you do not remember your application number, please visit the following website and use ‘Confirmation’.

Please find the attached files:
1) Reference Guide for newly admitted international students
2) Registration form for Fall 2019: Please fill in and send the format according to the reference guide by May 3rd(Fri).

  • 2019학년도 후기 글로벌인재특별전형 학사신입학 합격자 안내사항.pdf (1 MB)
  • Reference Guide for Newly Admitted International Students, Fall 2019 Undergraduate.pdf (2 MB)
  • Registration form for Fall 2019.docx (553 KB)