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Announcements from the Office of Admissions

Class registration information for graduate school students entering in the 2007 fall semester

  • March 31, 2008
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□ Registration Period: Wed, August 22 ~ Fri, August 24, 2007 09:00 ~ 16:00

□ Students:  Graduate school students entering in the 2007 fall semester

□ Registration web site:

□ Registration information: Please note the following.


1. Important Information regarding Class Registration

① Students cannot log in on multiple computers with one student id number.

② Students cannot register for multiple student id numbers on one computer.

③ Class registration cannot be processed without a security module.

2. Necessary steps prior to class registration

① OS: Windows 98 or greater, Internet Explorer version 6.0 or greater

② Set the exact date and time of the computer.  

③ Internet Explorer Menu-> Internet Option-> Temporary Internet Files-> Find out the new version of saved pages, confirm 3,000MB or more of disc space

④ Delete all cookie files (Log-in error may occur if the information of previous user remains on the computer):  Internet Explorer menu-> Internet Option-> Delete cookie files (including offline items)-> close Internet Explorer

⑤ Register as a site that users can trust: Internet Explorer-> Tools-> Internet Option-> Safety Tab-> Sites users can trust-> Add

⑥ Delete any Pop-up Killer program on the computer, then reconnect:  Google tool bar, MSN tool bar, Yahoo tool bar, Dreamwiz tool bar, etc.- delete all Pop-up Killer function

⑦ If the security module is not automatically activated, students may download it from the class registration site and activate it.  (If automatically installed, find it at C:\WINDOWS(WINNT)\system32\IssacWebSE.dll)

3. Class Registration Site:

1) Type in your student id number (including dash between the numbers), birthday, and password.  Click on "Agree" below and log in.  

Basic password is the last 7 digits of your social security number.

2) To change your password: Log in at -> Student Administration -> Personal Information -> Basic Information 'Class Registration Password Change'

3) If you do not remember your password and do not have a portal account, contact the student office at 02-880-5042 or 02-880-5043.

4. Log- in Error Messages

① "Check your student id number and log in": You have mistyped your student id number, or you are not allowed to register for classes.  

② “Moving to the log-in page":  Previous information is on the computer; try reconnecting.

③ "You are already logged in" or "Log- in properly" ": Delete all cookie files, close Internet Explorer and then try reconnecting.

5. How to register

① Type in subject number and class number, then click on the inquire button.  When you click on the subject name, the respective time slot will be filled on the bottom right.  

② Click on the save button to complete registration; you may recheck your registration record on the bottom.

6. For more information contact the following:

   A. Your respective Department Offices or the Administration Offices of you colleges

   B. Student Affairs Administration Office: 02-880-5042, 5043

      University Computer Center: 02-880-5370 (ext. 343 or 332)

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