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Announcements from the Office of Admissions

2008 Gwanak-sa Check-in Procedure for Undergraduate Freshman Students

  • March 31, 2008
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The Seoul National University Students Dormitory (Gwanak-sa) residency information has been updated. Please read the following notice carefully if you are freshmen students who wish to apply for dormitory residency.



1. Qualification: Students from outside of Seoul and foreign students.

   - Students from outside of Seoul refers to:
Students whose family lives outside of or whose permanent address is not Seoul
(Students from Seoul, Bucheon, Gwangmyeong, Anyang, Siheung, Gwacheon, Gunpo, Seongnam, or Uiwang will be disqualified)


2. Restrictions: Students who can be defined by any one of the following are restricted from application.

   A. Students with contagious and infectious diseases

   B. Students who have a record of disciplinary action or eviction (Student with demerits of 6 or above from dormitory supervisor)

   C. Students who reside in suburban districts of Seoul: Including at least one family member, either father or mother, who live in Seoul or the nearby suburban areas

Suburban areas are defined as Bucheon, Gwangmyeong, Anyang, Siheung, Gwacheon, Gunpo, Uiwang, or Seongnam.

   D. Other reasons restricted by dormitory supervisor or committee


3. Priorities: Students may be given priorities to others if one of the following qualifications is met.

A. Students who are family members of a national meritorious person.

- Requires certification of the national meritorious person or tuition waiver forms from the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs

B. Students who have a disability

C. Students whose parent(s) is currently working abroad as a government employee

D. National basic living support recipients

Students who have difficulties in commuting due to physical handicaps or disabilities may apply regardless of the above requirements.


Schedule for Check-in Procedure

1. Application

A. Submission Period: Monday, February 11th 2008, 10:00 ~ Thursday, February 14th, 2008, 18:00

B. Apply through the Internet (use one of the following methods)

   - Gwanak-sa homepage: (Korean)

(Use the ‘입사신청’ [Apply for Dormitory Entrance] menu, under 입사안내 [Guide to Dormitory Entrance] > 입사신청, shown below)

- Gwanak-sa application system:

- Type in directly:


2. Medical Examination

A. Scheduled date for undergraduate freshman students are as follows:

Tuesday, February 12th ~ Thursday, February 14th at the SNU Health Service Center

If applicants are getting the medical examination at the Seoul National University’s Health Service Center during the period above, he/she does not have to submit the result of the medical examination separately, because the results will be sent directly to Gwanak-sa.

B. It costs freshmen students 15,000 won for the medical examination at the SNU Health Service Center.

C. If applicants are unable to use the SNU Health Service Center, he/she can receive a medical examination for ‘dormitory application use’ at any community health centers or hospitals in or outside of Korea. (Refer to the required documents listed below)


3. Admission and Waiting List Confirmation

- Announcement of accepted residents and waiting list will be posted on the Gwanak-sa homepage on Monday, February 18th 2008, 11:00

   (Log onto the Gwanak-sa application system, use ‘합격조회 [View Admissions] menu)

   Once applicants confirm the admission (‘합격’) message, they may follow the next steps for registration process. If the applicant’s name is found on the waiting list, he/she will have to wait for possible additional admissions, which will be processed in the order of the wait-list numbers given to applicants.


4. Registration: Submission of documents and billings

   (1) Submission of required documents

A. Period: Monday, February, 18th 2008 ~ Friday, February 22nd 2008, 10:00 ~ 17:00

(Lunch break: 12:00 ~ 13:00)
*The office will be open after 11:00 am on Monday, February 18

** If you send documents by registered mail, it will only be deemed valid if they are received by Thursday, February 21st)

B. Location: Building 900, 3rd floor, Administration office

C. How to submit:

a. Applicants or representatives of the applicants may visit the administration directly.

b. Documents can be sent by registered mail

                (Valid only if received between Monday, February 18th ~ Thursday, February 21st

           Use of registered mail and confirmation of document submission

- Mail to: Building 900, 3rd floor, Administration office

                        Gwanak-ro 599, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea (151-802)

- Confirmation of submission: log onto the Gwanak-sa application system and use the '서류접수확인/입금조회' [view document submission status/view deposit status] menu

- Applicants must indicate their own names when submitting documents by registered mail, and please be sure to read through the admission FAQs regarding registration from Gwanak-sa homepage before sending documents.


     * Applicants must use registered mail (general mail will not be accepted).

     * It is impossible to process documents received after Thursday, February 21st.
        (In this case, applicants must visit the office in order to submit the documents.)

     * The office will not respond to questions regarding registration status by phone during the period. Please check your registration status using the Internet.

        (If submitted by registered mail, you will be able to check the status the next day.)   

     * Status of documents that are received on Thursday, February 21st can be checked on Friday, February 22nd after 10:00 am.


※ Notes

  - Submission via general mails, parcels, hand deliveries, or FAX will not be accepted.

  - Students will be forced to leave if found to be unregistered for programs, temporarily withdrawn, or expelled from school.


D. Required Documents: All documents must be issued within 3 months of Monday, February 18th 2008.

a. Certification of residence registration

- If applicant is not living with both parents, submit a certification for each family member including the father, mother, and applicant him/herself.

- Permanent addresses of both father and mother should be in accordance with restrictions.

b. 1 copy of certification of family relationship
(for those applicable to the statements below)

- When it is unable to check both parent’ names on the certification of residence registration for the reasons of divorce or death

- When one of the parents’ addresses on the certification of residence is different from applicant’s address

c. 1 copy of medical certificate

- Certificates are only valid when issued from community health centers, general hospitals, or internal departments (certificates of medical view, medical confirmations, or medical charts are invalid)

- No certificate copies are needed if the medical examination was taken in the SNU Health Service Center at the given dates (Tuesday, February 12th ~ Thursday, February 14th) as results will be sent directly to Gwanak-sa

- Required examinations: chest x-ray test, other general medical examinations

- Those with flaws found on their results will not be accepted to Gwanak-sa

- Invalid without official stamps

d. Documents for priority applicants (for those applicable)

- Students who are family members of a national meritorious person: 1 copy of the relevant documents of proof

- Students who have disability: 1 copy of the certificate of disability

- Students whose parent is currently working abroad as a government employee: 1 copy of the relevant documents of proof

- National basic living support recipients: 1 copy of the relevant documents of proof (must be issued in January 2008 to be valid)


(2) Payment of billings

A. Eligibility: students who get admission after review of documents

(Applicants may pay billings before admission. The payment will be refunded if found to be not eligible to enter Gwanak-sa)

B. Payment period: Monday, February, 18th 2008 ~ Friday, February 22nd 2008, 10:00 ~ 16:30

C. Printing the bill: log onto the Gwanak-sa application system,use the '고지서 출력' [print bill] menu

    (If you are unable to print a bill, contact the Administration office)

The bill can only be printed between Monday, February, 18th ~ Friday, February 22nd

The assigned building and room number will be indicated on the bill


D. Payment method:

a. Payment must be done by sending the exact amount to one of the account numbers written on the bill (available until 17:00 each day)

- Choose one account number either from Nonghyup or Shinhan Bank

- Use bank teller or wire transfer using ATM, phone banking, or Internet banking

Temporary branch bank office will be located in building 900, 3rd floor during the payment period from 10:00 to 16:00


b. Use tuition payment system either from Nonghyup or Shinhan Bank

             (the payment service available until 17:00)


E. Payment amount: 535,000 won

- Payment for the 1st semester (beginning of March ~ mid. June), including security deposit of 100,000 won
(the deposit will be refunded within 2 weeks from the day you check out of the dorm if no necessary maintenance work is found).


5. Schedule for Additional Admissions: for applicants on the waiting list

A. 1st announcement of additional admissions candidates:

Monday, February 25th 2008, 11:00 via Gwanak-sa homepage

- Registration period: Feb. 26 (Tuesday) ~ Feb. 29 (Friday)


B. 2nd announcement of additional admissions candidates:

Monday, March 3rd 2008, 11:00 via Gwanak-sa homepage

- Registration period: March 4 (Tuesday) ~ March 7 (Friday)


C. Following announcements regarding more admission decisions will be reported every Monday at 11:00


Please check the documents needed from ‘4. Registration Procedure’ above


6. Check-in: Saturday, March 1st 2008 ~ Sunday, March 2nd 2008

                   09:00 ~ 18:00 (lunch break 12:00 ~ 13:00)

  - Photo-Identification and receipt of billings are required; if unavailable, check-in procedure may be delayed.



Other Notices and Considerations:


A. International students and Korean students residing abroad follow the same procedure during this period.

B. Student will be discharged from admissions and be forced to leave if forged documents are used. (e.g. false address)

C. If student takes a leave of absence from school after admissions, one must voluntarily give up the residential right. If not, one will be forcefully discharged.

D. Contract period is from March 1st 2008 to the end of February 2009. Billings need to be paid every quarter.


More information about Gwanak-sa billings

 - Gwanak-sa billings need to be paid 4 times a year. (Refer to the table below)

 - If students are not registered in second semester, he/she will not be eligible to reside in Gwanak-sa after September, 2008.



Contract Period

Payment Period

Choice Options

1st Semester

Beginning of March ~

Mid. June

Registration period


Summer break

Mid. June ~

End of August

End of May

Optional for desired person

2nd Semester

Beginning of Sep. ~

End of Dec.

Beginning of June


Winter break

End of Dec. ~

End of Feb. next year

End of November

Optional for desired person


E. Information about traffic control and parcel delivery services during check-in period

a. Some of the roads near the dormitory area will be closed during the check-in period

b. Residents may use parcel delivery services to make the move-in process convenient. However, the dormitory office has a limited ability of handling parcels from delivery services; we recommend you not to send your parcels beforehand. Please bring only essential belongings on the check-in date and make sure your parcels will be delivered to your individual addresses after you check in.


          (e.g. Address for delivery service: Seoul National University Dormitory

                                                          building XXX room XXX

                                                          Bongchun-7dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul


 F. Please check other dormitory policies and dormitory life on Gwanak-sa homepage

   - Website:


Seoul National University Student Dormitory ‘Gwanak-sa’

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