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Announcements from the Office of Admissions

KGSP Application Guide for Graduate Students (2011 University Recommendation)

  • February 11, 2011
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KGSP Application Guide for Graduate Students(2011 University Recommendation) has been released. Please check the Applicant Qualification carefully before you apply.

Applicant Qualifications
Prospective applicant must meet the following eligibility qualifications:
   (1) The applicant and his/her parents must have foreign citizenships.
      * Applicants who hold Korean citizenship are not qualifiedfor this program.
   (2) Applicants should be in good health, both mentally and physically, to stay in Korea for a long period 
      of time.
      * Applicants have to submit the Personal Medical Assessment (included in the application form) when
        he/she apply for this program, and then submit an Official Medical Examination Report issued in 
        a hospital to NIIED after passing the NIIED Selection Committee (the 2nd Selection). A serious illness
        reflected in the examination results will be the main cause of disqualification from the scholarship.
   (3) Applicants must be under 40 years of age as of Sep. 1st, 2011 (born after Sep. 1st, 1971).
   (4) Applicants must hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree as of September 1, 2011.
      * Applicants who have ever enrolled in the same program in Korea as the one they are applying for 
        will be disqualified from the program. For example, an applicant who has previously enrolled in 
        a master's program in Korea cannot apply for the KGSP Master's Program. 
      * Applicants who apply for the Master's program must hold a Bachelor's degree or a diploma that is
        equivalent to or higher than a Bachelor's degree.
      * Applicants who apply for the Doctoral program must hold a Master's degree or a diploma that is 
        equivalent to or higher than a Master's degree.
      * Applicants who are expecting to obtain the relevant required degree or diploma by August 31st, 
        2011 must submit a certificate of degree or diploma expectation, and submit the official certificate 
        of degree or diploma by September 1st, 2011.
   (5) Applicants must maintain a grade point average (G.P.A.) of at least 2.64 on a 4.0 scale, 2.80 on 
        a 4. 3 scale, 2.91 on a 4.5 scale or grades/marks/score of 80% or higher from the previously attended
      * If the transcript is not indicated in grades/marks/scores format, or is difficult to convert into percentages,
        attachment of official explanation from the attended institution is required.
   (6) Applicants who have Korean proficiency or English proficiency may be given preference. 
   (7) Applicants who apply for natural science and technology program may be given preference.

Application period :
   Feb. 7th(Mon) ~ Feb. 25th(Fri), 2011 (by 5pm)

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