CHO Bo Hyung, SNU Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, was elected as IEEE fellow.
- Published in Kyunghyang Shinmoon

BANG Min Ho, SNU Professor of Korean Language and Literature, has published his first book of poetry titled as 'Saying What You Want to Say', which has 65 pieces of his poems.
- Published in Seoul Newspaper

KANG Won-Taek, SNU Professor of Political Sciences, has reported his survey result that Korean people now values the former President ROH Moo-Hyun a lot more than when he was in the office.
- Published in Joong Ang Ilbo

PARK Chan Wook, SNU Professor of Political Sciences, has been elected as the President of Korean Political Science Association.
- Published in DongA Ilbo 

DongA Ilbo paid a tribute to the widow of alumnus KIM Jae-ik for donating all her belongings to the university.
- Published in DonaA Ilbo

JOU Kyung Chul, SNU Professor of Western History, wrote his weekly column Historia about fake intelligence during the war.
- Published in Choun Ilbo

JOU Kyung Chul wrote a history column about merchants of Vennice who made their own accounting system.
- Published in HanKyung

KIM Sang-Hoon, SNU Professor of Business Administration, wrote a business column. He emphasized that 'marketing' section and 'R&D' section of one company should cooperate.
- Published in Choun Ilbo