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  • November 16, 2016

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The Exo-glove Poly made in SNU Biorobotics Lab
The Exo-glove Poly made in SNU Biorobotics Lab

Soft, wearable robot restores movement to paralyzed hands

The Seoul National University Biorobotics Lab in South Korea has developed a soft wearable robot that can restore hand movement to patients who are partially paralyzed because of a stroke or other medical condition. The Exo-Glove Poly is made from a polymer for user comfort and easy sanitization, says Associate Professor Kyu-Jin Cho, who developed the device. In addition to the wearable component, which has three partial sheaths that slip over the thumb, index finger and middle finger, the device has a motor that moves wires in the robotic glove to open and close the hand.

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