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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • December 3, 2010

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KAANG Bong-Kiun, SNU Professor of Biological Sciences, has published his research on brain in journal Science.
- Published in Kyunghyang Shinmoon 

SNU Extension College launched a new on-line education program to train more tutors who will teach foreigners Korean language. College of Humanities, College of Education, and Language Education Institute will make the curriculum, and the program will be delivered via
- Published in Yonhap News 

BANG Min Ho, SNU Professor of Korean Language and Literature, has published his first book of poetry titled as 'Saying What You Want to Say', which has 65 pieces of his poems. 
- Published in HanKyung 

Hankyung introduces Professor KIM Rando's book 'Trend Korea 2011'. KIM, SNU Professor of Consumer Studies, summarized the new trend of 2011 as 'two rabbits', which is a metaphor for the consumers contradictory minds.
- Published in HanKyung 

Services of university libraries are 'smartly evolving' thanks to the 'smart phone', including SNU library
- Published in ETNEWS 

KU In Hoe, Professor of Social Welfare, wrote a column to emphasize the importance of increasing tax income for social welfare rather than arguing on how much should be used for social welfare. 
- Published in Hankoreh 

YIM ToBin, Professor of Public Administration, wrote a column to criticize Democratic Party's action toward the North Korea.
- Published in Munhwa 
December 4, 2010
December 2, 2010