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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • December 6, 2010

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SNU newly launched three 'green' courses for next spring semester: 'Green Life and Consumer', 'Climate Change and Health', and 'Green Energy'. It will have 15 of 'green' courses by 2012.
- Published in Yonhap News, Joong Ang Daily

A former SNU student who had entered the College of Law in 1999 and was expelled for poor academic performance filed a lawsuit against the University to cancel the expulsion. The High Court judge ruled against the plaintiff.
- Published in Yonhap News, Segye Ilbo

KIM Jun-Min, SNU Professor Emeritus passed away on December 3 at his age of 96. He served SNU for 33 years starting from 1946.
- Published in DongA Ilbo

Professor KIM Byong Seob was elected as new Dean of Graduate School of Public Administration.
- Published in Hankyong

KIM Hyeong-Kuk, SNU Professor Emeritus was bereaved of his mother. The funeral is December 4 at the SNU Hospital.
- Published in Hankyong

SNU students successfully kicked out the manager of the school convenience store who sexually harassed his staff and female customers by sharing the story at students' online community called 'SNU Life'.
- Published in Chosun.Com

Students of Law Schools rose up, asking government to raise the admission rate of bar exam up to 90% from the current 50%.
- Published in Chosun Ilbo, Hankyore

LEE Ju-ho, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, offered the Presidents of major universities that some incentives will be given to the universities who abolish the demanding entrance examination such as argument writing test.
- Published in DongA Ilbo

RHEE, Sung-Hyong, Professor at SNU Institute of Latin American Studies, wrote a column that Korea should have stronger geopolitics education program.
- Published in Kyunghyang

LEE In Ho, SNU Professor of Economics, wrote a column on current political disputes on tax cut.
- Published in HanKook

HONG JoonHyung, SNU Professor Graduate School of Public Administration, wrote a column that proposed to give more power to Minister of Defense to strengthen the Korean Army.
- Published in HanKyong

Professor YIM ToBin at SNU Graduate School of Public Administration wrote a column and criticized the politicians who tried to politicize Yeonpyeong-do bombing
- Published in Chosun Ilbo 
December 7, 2010
December 4, 2010