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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • December 14, 2010

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CHOI Kab Soo, SNU Professor of Western History had a radio interview and talked about his concerns on the incorporation of SNU. His main concern is that SNU could be under even stronger control of government, after incorporation in 2012.
- Published in CBS No Cut News

Professor KIM Byeong Seob was elected as the Dean of Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA).
- Published in Seoul Economics Daily

Professor YOUN Kwangchul and Professor Emeritus BAEK Byeong Dong received Daewon Music Award for promoting Korean classical music.
- Published Seoul Economics Daily

HAN Wonshik (Dept. of General Surgeon, College of Medicine) received 2010 GSK ERI Research Grand Award, which will give him 100,000 USD of research grant for a year.
- Published in Seoul Economics Daily

National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) released a report titled 'Research Paper Publications in Korea'. According to the report, it was Professor HYEON Taeghwan (Dept. of Chemical Engineering) who published the most number of 'influential' papers for the last 10 years.
- Published in JoongAng Ilbo

A research team at SNU Hospital proved that patients with helicobacter are two times more likely to have glaucoma.
- Published in Hankyore

A group of professors at national universities in local provinces called 'National University Faculty Council' issued a statement opposing the incorporation of national universities.
- Published in Yonhap News

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology released a report on research activities in Korean. In 2009, researchers in Korea published 38,651 papers in total, and 930 papers in top 5 journals such as Nature and Science.
- Published in Chosun Ilbo

Lee government cut off the budget for college scholarships and student loan. The budget for scholarship cut off 64.3%.
- Published in Naeil Shinmoon

LIM Hyun-Chin, Professor of Sociology, wrote a column that emphasizes the importance of Korea's involving in ODA (Official Development Assistance).
- Published in Naeil Shinmoon

CHO Hong Sik, Professor of Law, wrote a column that propose to adopt Emission Trading in Korea.
- Published in JoongAng Ilbo
January 3, 2011
December 11, 2010