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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • November 7, 2011

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[Incorporation] The SNU Professors' Association officially raised questions about the law and draft of the articles on SNU's incorporation, pointing out that both instruments are mainly focusing on enlarging the range of authority of the president. The Association argued that there should be a procedure which enables SNU’s faculty and staff to state their views in appointing members of the board of directors. It was also asserted that the authority of the board of directors must be restricted to financial matters, not including educational and academic research issues.
Published in Yonhap News

[University Policy] The SNU Senate elected Professor PARK Jong Keun of SNU's Department of Computer Science as president and Professor HAN Gyoung Hae of SNU's Division of Consumer and Child Studies as vice president.
Published in HanKook Economic Daily

[Interview] Professor LEE Sang Mook of SNU’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, who is also known as "Korea's Stephen Hawking", had an interview with DongA Ilbo. Lee's body became completely paralyzed below the neck in a car accident during a geological survey in California in the summer of 2006 but he was able to lecture again at SNU after 6 months of recovery. "My return to school was possible thanks to the professional treatment of Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles. True rehabilitation is helping disabled people to successfully reintegrate into society," said Professor Lee. He suggested that Korean hospitals focus more on vocational rehabilitation to enable patients to reintegrate into and adapt to society again.
Published in DongA Ilbo

[Interview] Professor PARK Seong Hoe of SNU's College of Medicine is known for his successful transplantation of a pig's islets of Langerhans into a diabetic monkey, which opened up possibilities for finding a cure for diabetes. Park, in his interview with Seoul Shinmun, said that he was planning to start clinical trials from 2013 and hopes to be able to use this method in treating people starting in 2015. He requested scientists and the press to continuously and thoroughly verify his research outcomes so that he would produce all the better academic results.
Published in Seoul Shinmun

[Figures] Professor SUH Young Ger of SNU's Department of Pharmacy was selected as winner of the 42nd "Grand Prize," established by Handok Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. and the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea. Professor Suh has published more than 120 articles in famous domestic and international academic journals. His main areas of research have been "synthesizing bioactive natural substances" and "developing bioactive compounds through molecular design and synthesis."
Published in Seoul Economic Daily

[News Report] The rapidly growing SNU Cancer Hospital was spotlighted in Munhwa Ilbo. The number of outpatients visiting the hospital increased by 12%, thus amounting to an average of 1400 patients a day. The Hospital consists of 15 centers classified by cancer types, 9 integrated cancer centers, and the cancer information & education center. Under the motto of "FIRST," which stands for "Friendly, Integrated, Research-based, Smart, and Trustworthy," the doctors of the hospital are trying hard to offer better treatment by being more considerate and integrating diverse fields of medical science.
Published in Munhwa Ilbo

[Events] The Sand Pebbles, a rock band of SNU's College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, will hold a concert celebrating the band's 40th anniversary in the auditorium of the SNU Culture Center on November 12, at 3p.m. Established in 1970, the band became famous after winning the Grand Prize at the University Song Festival in 1997 with their hit song "What am I supposed to do?". During this concert, KIM Jung Woo, son of its founding member KIM Dong Man and also the winner of Top Band which was broadcasted on KBS 2 TV, will play guitar with his father. Also, KIM Chang Wan, elder brother of original member KIM Chang Hoon, will be on stage with his band The KIM Chang Wan Band.
Published in Munhwa Ilbo

Summarized by LEE Tae Joon & LEE Ye Ha, SNU English Editors,
Proofread by Brett Johnson, SNU English Editor,
November 8, 2011
November 4, 2011