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NewsThe News articles are written and reviewed by SNU student editors and faculty members.

Who Are SNU English Editors?

  • August 26, 2011
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Ever been curious who are writing the 'SNU NEWS' on this website? They are student editors group named"SNU English Editors (SEE)", which consists of bilingual undergraduate students. They write news articles and translate important notes (Notice / Events) for the visitors. SNU PR &Communications Department recruits SEE members every year. Here are the current and previous members of SEE in 2011.

senior editor Lee Ye Ha Queen of Editors, Ye Ha
LEE Ye Ha, Chief Editor, College of Law,

As her baptismal name"Gabrielle" implies, she is nice and kind almost like an angel. A lover of literature and arts, her great sensitivity led her to a rich understanding of humanity. Being the chief editor, however, this lady has shown off charisma making every editor unable to miss the deadline.    - Written by LEE Tae Joon

senior editor Kim Eun Young Responsible Eun Young
KIM Eun Young, Senior Editor, College of Social Sciences,

As the chief editor of the Announcement Team, Eun Young tackles articles no one else wishes to touch upon-articles teeming with science jargons we laymen can't even pronounce properly! Meticulous and responsible in all affairs, she never (a) makes typos (b) misses the deadline or (c) fails to take on extra work other teammates aren't exactly enthusiastic about.    - Written by LEE Hee Un

senior editor LEE BoYoung Active BoYoung
LEE BoYoung, Senior Editor, College of Social Sciences,

She plays soccer. She plays basketball. She plays volleyball. Oh, I almost forgot. She runs the marathon. But please don't mistake her for an athlete. Most importantly, she writes. And she does it good. Always so bright and cheerful, this 21-year-old girl is the leader of the news team.    - Written by LEE Ye Ha

juior editor YU Min Seok Cynical Min Seok
YU Min Seok, Junior Editor, College of Law,

Seems to enjoy his reputation for sarcasm. Sports-loving guy, good athelete. Not sure if he's good looking, but mysteriously popular among girls (which is a rather disturbing enigma for a fellow male). Perhaps his charm lies in the great person he is behind his cynical persona: a trustworthy person who always gets his work done, and seldom complains about anything.    - Written by KIM Jae Seung

junior editor JANG EunJu Sophisticated EunJu
JANG EunJu, Junior Editor, College of Natural Sciences,

Quiet but with a motherlike smile EJ is the only member from the science department in the history of SEE. Thus with her scientific knowledge and language skills she is in charge of publishing most of SNU's breakthrough discoveries.    - Written by LEE BoYoung

juior editor KIM Jae Seung Charming Jae Seung
KIM Jae Seung, Junior Editor, College of Law,

Someone girls would die for and guys would envy. He’s hot, gentle, employed (he passed the Bar Exam, and he’s only 23!), with a gentle rhythmic voice, and even plays the jazz saxophone! But most importantly, perhaps due to his easy nature and musical talent his smooth writing has in it a cadence that makes you want to keep reading.    - Written by LEE BoYoung

junior editor LEE Tae Joon Perfect Tae Joon
LEE Tae Joon, Junior Editor, College of Law,

His dark colored face fits well with his love of sports and active life. Perhaps the word that describes him best is confidence. He is a brave man who thinks he lacks nothing, which is indeed true, except the fact that he has shrimp allergy.    - Written by PARK Ziho

junior editor Park Ziho Marvelous Ziho
PARK Ziho, Junior Editor, College of Social Sciences,

He is a friendly person with bright smiles. With good sense of humor, he likes to be engaged in the editors' activity. He really shines when he puts his best effort with confidence. We can always count on him! He is a superb editor of the Announcement Team.    - Written by JUNG Yu Jin

junior editor JANG Hyo Jeong Brilliant Hyo Jeong
JANG Hyo Jeong, Junior Editor, College of Law,

Hyojung is a bright and friendly person. She has many interests, including writing. As much as she enjoys writing, she is a superb editor of the news team. Her personality shines as she enthusiastically takes part in the editors' meetings.    - Written by JANG Eunju

jonior editor Lee Byung Hun Versatile Byung Hun
YOON Byung Hun, Junior Editor, College of Social Sciences,

The youngest and newest editor with SEE, Byung Hun has yet to unveil his personality to the rest of the editors. Rumor has it that he's one of those really bright and outgoing do-it-alls with many talents, ranging from 'diligent student' to 'aggressive soccer player' and stopping nowhere short of 'sensitive artist.'    - Written by KIM Eun Young

[Previous Members]

LEE Hee Un, Junior Editor, College of Law,

She has an acute judgment and a passionate heart. Not to mention her work is productive while maintaining good quality. All the qualities one wishes to find in an editor-she has them. More importantly, Hee Un is a friend you can count on. She is truly made of AWESOMENESS.    - Written by JANG Hyo Jeong

Thoughtful Yu Jin
JUNG Yu Jin, Junior Editor, College of Liberal Studies,

Yu Jin's usually quiet - not much of a talker - and not that easy to spot. Yet you will eventually get to know that she is an insightful, sensitive person with a warm heart. She's born a good listener. Tell her your worries and you'll get rid of them soon enough.    - Written by LEE Ye Ha

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