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Light of Hope that Brightens a Himalayan Village

  • November 2, 2011
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November 2, 2011
Event Omaggio A Giuseppe Verdi: Concerts and Exhibition
SNU College of Music and Museum of Art (MoA) are holding a special event titled"Omaggio A Giuseppe Verdi" from October 21 to November 26 at MoA Auditorium. (Building 151)
Outreach Light of Hope that Brightens a Himalayan Village
An SNU professor and his students introduced electricity to the Lama Hotel Village, a small village 120km north of Kathmandu located in the Langtang National Park in the Himalayan Mountains with an altitude of 2478m.
Research Professor Kim Selected as One of the 'TR35' by Technology Review
Professor Kim Dae-Hyung was selected as one of the 'TR35' by the renowned academic journal Technology Review, which produces an annual list of 35 scientists under the age of 35 who have opened up new possibilities in technology.
International Student Exchange Agreement with Southampton University
Mark Spearing, the vice president of Britain's Southampton University, visited SNU President OH Yeon Cheon and signed an agreement on research and student exchange programs.
Donation New Library Opens at the Language Education Institute
the SNU Language Education Institute (LEI) opened a new mini library 'GaGyo' which is an archive compiled for students who wish to learn Korean. It is funded by Masmoto Geigo.
Info eTL Metoring Program: Adapting to Campus Life
Do you need some assistance because of language or cultural differences? ETL is running a mentoring program for newly arrived international students.

Concerts Tuesday Concerts & Wednesday Korean Music Concerts
SNU College of Music is holding two campus concerts for this automn. Tuesday Concerts is being held every Tuesday 4 pm at building 73, and Wednesday Korean Music Concerts at 1pm in SNU Museum.

MoA Exhibition David Hockney: Four Print Portfolios 1961-1977
SNU MoA introduces David Hockney first time in Korea. Eighty-seven pieces including Hockney's four main etching collections will be on display until November 27.

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