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SNU Establishes New Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations

  • November 16, 2011
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November 16, 2011
International Joint Degree Program with Major Universities in Eastern Asia in the Works
Students graduating from SNU will be able to earn degrees from the University of Tokyo, Peking University and Hanoi University as well in the not too distant future.
Campus SNU Establishes New Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations
The new department will offer four majors: the language and culture of Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East (labeled 'West Asia'), and India.
Hospital Transplanting the Culture of Organ Donation
Among the Korean hospitals that accommodate brain-dead patients, SNU Hospital Transplant Center currently has the highest number of brain-dead patients.
Research Immunotherapy: A Promising Area in Cancer Research
Once immunotherapy becomes fully established as an efficient clinical method, it will have huge advantages compared to previous cancer treatment.
Research Heavy Eaters - Newfound Evidence of Massive Black Holes
The sight of a star being absorbed by a million-solar-mass black hole was observed by a research team led by Professor LIM Myung Shin and others.

Research Source of Ongoing Cholera Pandemic Identified
SNU researchers have identified the origin and expansion path of the current cholera pandemic through the use of next-generation whole-genome identification methods, and the result was published in Nature.

International University of Tehran Visited SNU
Delegates from the University of Tehran visited SNU on October 27 to discuss the expansion of academic exchange between the two universities.

International SNU Signs a Student Exchange Agreement with York University
President Brian CANTOR of York University visited SNU President OH Yeon Cheon and signed a student exchange agreement on September 28

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