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[Issue 10] Heal the World with Technology

  • February 29, 2012
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February 29, 2012
Outreach Heal the World with Technology
Last year, SNU's College of Engineering established the 'Leadership Center' which consists of three of students' groups named 'Gong-hun', 'Gong-woo', and 'Gong-gam'.
Student More and More Choose to Design Their Own Majors
More and more students of College of Liberal Studies are pursuing"Student Designed Majors," rather than choosing one from existing majors, since the College was established in 2009.
Interview New Ways to Study the Korean Language
Last year, Professor Marc Duval received attention from the media and the SNU community because he was the first foreign professor to be appointed in the Department of Korean Language and Literature.
Research Colorectal Cancer Treatment Developed Using Nanoparticles
With reports from the World Health Organization that Korean men rank #1 in Asia for the occurrence of colorectal cancer
Student Graduation Arts Exhibition
Serious research universities like SNU sometimes tend to forget they also have experimenters of the modes of expression. In fact SNU has been shaping the aesthetic tradition in Korea over the years.
Campus Muslim Students Find a Sacred Place in the SNU Student Dormitory
Seven Muslim students assembled in the room on the basement floor of SNU students' dormitory and exchanged greetings with each other, then they spread rugs out on the floor.
Interview Paraplegic Student Admitted into SNU
Until he was 12, he did not attend school because there was no special education program for disabled children in his hometown.
Notice Bring Your Faculty/Student Card To Buy Meal Tickets
From February 20 (Mon.), SNU cafeterias apply different meal price to visitors and SNU members (students, faculty and staff). You need to bring your identity card to buy meal tickets with 'member price'.
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