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[Issue 14] SNU and PKU's First Joint Convention

  • May 21, 2012
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May 21, 2012

 International SNU and PKU's First Joint Convention

SNU and Peking University (PKU), the leading universities in South Korea and China respectively, had a joint convention with the purpose of strengthening the academic relationship between two universities.
International Earn Two MBA Degrees at the Same Time!
SNU Graduate School of Business (GSB) and Yale School of Management (SOM) agreed to launch a 'Joint Dual Degree Program'.
Research Globular Clusters – Giving Clues to the History of Space
For the first time ever Korean researchers, including Professor LEE Myung Gyoon of SNU's Department of Physics & Astronomy, have verified the existence of a globular cluster.
Research Transmission of Genetic Information during Cell Division
The research team led by Professor BAEK Sung Hee of SNU's College of Natural Sciences has discovered the transmission process of genetic information in the cell division procedure.
Students Global Internship 1 - Students Visit Google Korea
The SNU Career Development Center offered the students taking the course Global Internship 1 the opportunity to visit Google Korea.
Campus 'Jangteo' Culture: Eat, Drink and Socialize!
Jangteo culture provides a great opportunity for students to socialize - for freshmen to meet seniors, for seniors to meet old friends they haven't seen since their freshmen year, and to treat freshmen.
Event Museum of Art Exhibition: 'Vogue Moment' and 'Dongsangyimong'
SNU Museum of Art currently has the exhibition"Vogue Moment" and"Dongsangyimong (Same bed, different dreams)" on display.
Notice Return Your Library Books, Right Where You Are!
Hike no more to the Central Library on a lecture-less day, just to return one thin borrowed book. SNU Central Library has installed 'Book return drop boxes' for returning of books outside the Central Library.

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