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[Issue 31] Foreign Student Delivers Commencement Speech for the First Time at SNU

  • September 16, 2013
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SNU NOW is an online newsletter for international members of SNU community
President Piao of Yanbian University to Give Commencement Speech
President Piao of Yanbian University to Give Commencement Speech
August 24, 2013 President Piao Yonghao of Yanbian University will be giving the commencement speech for the 67th Summer Commencement. President Piao is the first joseon-jok(descendant of Korean immigrants with Chinese citizenship) to give a commencement speech at SNU. An SNU official stated that as a graduate of SNU Graduate School of Public Administration who is greatly influential overseas, President Piao could encourage graduates to broaden their horizons instead of limiting themselves and their future to Korea. more
Foreign Student Delivers Commencement Speech for the First Time at SNU
Foreign Student Delivers Commencement Speech for the First Time at SNU
August 30, 2013 At SNU’s summer graduation ceremony, for the first time ever, a foreign student delivered the commencement speech, reflecting the growing foreign student population here at SNU. Ms. Yana HONG (’13, Dept. of Korean and Korean Literature), despite being an ethnic Korean, is a 3rd generation Russian immigrant and at first had difficulty understanding Korean at SNU. To overcome this, she says she tried to interact with Koreans as much as possible, and joined several student clubs. Ms. Hong is currently interning at a major corporation, and wishes to work in Korean-Russian trade relations. more
SNU to Publish Its Own Human Rights Guidelines
SNU to Publish Its Own Human Rights Guidelines
August 31, 2013 The SNU Human Rights Center has completed the first draft of the SNU Human Rights Guidelines, which is the first attempt by a Korean university to set certain guidelines regarding on-campus human rights issues. The Guidelines were originally in response to human rights violations experienced by graduate students, and were also influenced by the International Declaration of Human Rights, the Korean Constitution, and the ideas of SNU students and professors alike. The Guidelines include topics such as sexual assault and harassment, racial discrimination, treating younger people with respect, and forcing graduate students to do personal work for professors. The SNU Human Rights Center expressed hope that the Guidelines will greatly increase human rights awareness on campus. more
SNU CBA to Offer ‘Creative Business Management’ Major
SNU CBA to Offer ‘Creative Business Management’ Major
September 1, 2013 Starting next spring, the SNU College of Business Administration plans to offer a new major focused on starting new businesses. The College of Business Administration, College of Social Sciences and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will be working together on the new major, and the respective program will accept 50 students each year. The new major will only be available as a second major, and students enrolled will have a chance to set up a new mock business for a year at the end of which they will be evaluated by the Angel Fund Board for future funding. The dean of the College of Business Administration stated that the new course will create an environment in which students will be more open to starting businesses of their own. more
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