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[Issue 42] SNU to Introduce Flipped Learning Classes in 2014

  • December 6, 2013
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SNU Held 'Dream Together Forum' for Sports Administrators
SNU Held 'Dream Together Forum' for Sports Administrators
November 23, 2013 The SNU Global Sports Management Graduate Program hosted the ‘Dream Together Forum, Seoul’ at the Seoul Grand Hyatt on November 22. The event was held to commemorate the ‘Dream Together’ master’s course which started in September 2013 and is offered by SNU and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The ‘Dream Together’ course is designed to share Korea’s experience in sports development and educate sports players, coaches and administrators from underdeveloped nations. Mr. Barry Maister, a member of the IOC, Mr. Maxwell de Silva, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka and other renowned sports administration figures were present at the event. more
Ninety-six Percent of SNU Students Report Insufficient Vitamin D
Ninety-six Percent of SNU Students Report Insufficient Vitamin D
November 24, 2013 According to the 2013 SNU health examination of 5239 undergraduate and graduate students, 96.2% of SNU students reported a lack of vitamin D due to not spending enough time outdoors. Specifically, 39.5% of male students and 51.5% of female students reported having a vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to rickets, convulsions and muscle weakness. Vitamin D is created when exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, and people who stay indoors for the most part can have trouble creating it. Forty-five percent of SNU students replied that they spend less than 30 minutes outdoors every day and the SNU Health Service Center believes this to be the direct reason for such sad results. more
SNU to Introduce Flipped Learning Classes in 2014
SNU to Introduce Flipped Learning Classes in 2014
November 25, 2013 Starting spring semester next year, SNU will offer at least 5 flipped learning classes. ‘Flipped learning’ classes are different from other classes in that students watch an on-line lecture video before class and carry out discussions or solve problems in class. Some research results have suggested that flipped learning leads to lower dropout rates and an increased volume of learning. SNU will be the third university in Korea to introduce flipped learning after KAIST and UNIST. more
SNU Graduate Recruited by OECD
SNU Graduate Recruited by OECD
November 26, 2013 Ms. KIM Yunhee, a graduate of the SNU Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program, became the first Korean to be hired by the OECD who completed his/her education in Korea. Ms. Kim, who majored in Business and Mathematics at Sookmyung Women’s University, earned her master’s and doctorate degrees at SNU. She has also written 6 SCI papers. Ms. Kim said in a phone interview with Chosun Ilbo that she wishes to do research on guiding developing nations based on the OECD’s experience in privatization and liberalization. more
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