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[Issue 45] Nearly 1 in 4 Korean University Presidents are SNU Alumni

  • December 31, 2013
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Interview with Professor IM Myungshin of CEOU
Interview with Professor IM Myungshin of CEOU
December 16, 2013 Professor Im Myungshin of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the head of the Center for the Exploration of the Origin of the Universe (CEOU) had an interview with Hankook Economic Daily on December 15. He explained his current research area as observing celestial bodies created from the origin of the universe and determining how stars evolved into galaxies and giant black holes. For this, the Center is finding and observing quasars, quasi-stellar radio sources created when gas or stars are sucked into a black hole. Observing a quasar 13 billion light years away means that the observer is observing what happened 13 billion light years ago. Professor Im said that because black holes cannot be observed by the eye, the research team is analyzing quasars to trace the mass and the process of growth of black holes. more
Interview with Professor KIM Hyoung-Joo of the SNU Big Data Center
December 17, 2013 Professor KIM Hyoung-Joo (Department of Computer Science and Engineering), head of the SNU Big Data Center, had an interview with Maeil Business Newspaper and implored the need for more investment in the field of big data. The SNU Big Data Center opened in May 2013 and works on 9 main subjects including technology, analysis, welfare and culture. The subject regarded as most important is medicine and Professor Kim stated that because medicine is important in our everyday lives, it has the biggest impact. He added that as this year was needed to fully understand big data, he believes next year will bring actual cases of success. Lastly, he expressed his view that the current Personal Information Protection Act is too restrictive, and should be amended to make more room for big data developments. more
Nearly 1 in 4 Korean University Presidents are SNU Alumni
Nearly 1 in 4 Korean University Presidents are SNU Alumni
December 20, 2013 According to a survey by Edaily of 189 4-year Korean university presidents, a 62-year-old male who went to SNU for undergraduate studies and received his Ph.D. degree abroad served as a model figure. Among the 189 presidents surveyed, 24.3% were SNU alumni, and 21.6% of universities had presidents who were graduates of their own school. Yonsei University and Korea University each produced 14 university presidents, while 46.5% received Ph.D. degrees from foreign universities. Woosong University was the only Korean university to appoint a foreigner as its president. more
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