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[Issue 46] Professor Sargent Resigns Due to Personal Reasons

  • January 2, 2014
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Professor Sargent Resigns Due to Personal Reasons
Professor Sargent Resigns Due to Personal Reasons
December 23, 2013 Professor Thomas J. Sargent (Department of Economics), who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2011 with Princeton University Professor Christopher A. Sims, will leave SNU. Professor Sargent came to SNU in August 2012, with a two-year contract with an option to renegotiate after the first year but he chose not to extend his term for another year, citing personal reasons. more
SNU School of Medicine’s 2015 Admissions Guide Announcement Raises Controversy
December 27, 2013 Last month, SNU announced that students who majored in the humanities in high school would be eligible to apply to SNU School of Medicine from the 2015 school year when the current 11th graders will enter college. Currently, only students who majored in natural sciences during high school can apply to the School of Medicine. SNU expressed its hopes that future students would benefit from converging different areas of studies. However, the Korean Council for University Education opposed such changes, stating that it is too drastic a measure which will make college applicants confused. Opinions also differ among education specialists, therefore SNU re-announced its plan and has stated that it will accept cross-major applications at a later time. more
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