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[Issue 48] SNU Tuition Fees Fall by 0.25 Percent

  • January 29, 2014
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SNU NOW is an online newsletter for international members of SNU community
SNU Tuition Fees Fall by 0.25 Percent
January 22, 2014 The SNU Tuition Fee Review Board finalized its decision to cut tuition fees by 0.25% in its 3rd meeting held on January 21. Originally, the student council requested a 5 percent reduction using the school’s reserved money and SNU Foundation donations. However, due to low interest rates and the fact that most donations have a designated purpose, SNU proposed a 0.25 percent reduction. The SNU Tuition Fee Review Board put this proposal to a vote, and it was passed by a narrow margin of one vote. The SNU Tuition Fee Review Board consists of three school related persons, three students, two special members and one certified public accountant. more
Nonghyup Reissues SNU Student ID Cards Free of Charge
Nonghyup Reissues SNU Student ID Cards Free of Charge
January 24, 2014 SNU decided to reissue student ID cards without check card functions in response to the recent personal data leak affecting customers of Nonghyup Bank. S-Card, the SNU student ID card, previously had Nonghyup Bank check card functions in addition to identification functions. SNU students pointed out that their personal information was leaked, and SNU, in consultation with Nonghyup, made a decision to delete financial functions from S-Card. The SNU Department of Student Affairs sent out emails on January 23 to all students stating that those who wish to have their student ID cards reissued can visit on-campus Nonghyup branches and receive new cards with identification functions only. Nonghyup Bank will cover the cost as the personal data leak was the reason for these reissuances. more
Professor Jin-Soo KIM’s Study on Engineered Nucleases Published in Nature Communications
Professor Jin-Soo KIM’s Study on Engineered Nucleases Published in Nature Communications
January 28, 2014 Professor Jin-Soo KIM’s research team (Department of Chemistry) developed RNA-guided engineered nucleases (RGENs) which use enzymes to cut certain parts of DNA in order to create DNA with certain wanted characteristics. Professor Kim is one of the leading scholars in the field of engineered nucleases, currently focusing on cutting off DNA mutations using RGENs. His recent study was published in the January 20 edition of Nature Communications. Nature and Science listed RNA-guided engineered nucleases as one of the most important scientific advances of the year 2013. Professor Kim stated that in the life sciences, RGEN technology is being used practically everywhere in numerous medical fields including oncology. more
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