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[Issue 49] Forty One Percent of Incoming Freshmen are Female Students

  • February 6, 2014
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SNU Library Benefactor Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree
SNU Library Benefactor Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree
February 3, 2014 Mr. Jong Hwan LEE, chairman of Samyoung Chemical Co. Ltd, was awarded an honorary doctorate degree (Engineering) on January 29. SNU President OH Yeon-Cheon stated that Mr. Lee’s contribution to Korea’s industrialization and establishment of a scholarship foundation was the reason for this award. Mr. Lee founded Korea’s first petrochemical corporation and led the Korean plastics industry, developing Korea’s first magnetic insulator in the 70s. In 2000, he founded Kwanjeong Educational Foundation using KRW 800 billion of his own money, and in the year 2012, donated KRW 60 billion to the SNU Central Library fund, thereby becoming a social entrepreneur. more
Professor Shechtman’s Class Canceled Due to Presidential Election Run
Professor Shechtman’s Class Canceled Due to Presidential Election Run
February 4, 2014 Special Lecture on Advanced Physics 1, which was supposed to be offered this spring semester, was canceled due to Professor Shechtman’s presidential election run in his homeland Israel. Professor Shechtman, who is a Nobel Prize laureate (Chemistry, 2011), came to SNU last year to join the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The Department of Physics and Astronomy stated that they could not find another professor to teach Professor Schechtman’s class, as his presidential candidacy was announced only recently. “This is the first time a class has been canceled due to a presidential election run by a professor,” DongA Ilbo quoted a school official explaining. more
Forty One Percent of Incoming Freshmen are Female Students
Forty One Percent of Incoming Freshmen are Female Students
February 5, 2014 Of the freshmen class of 2018, 41 percent are female students, marking the highest female to male student ratio in SNU history. Also, of the 658 regular admission students, only 305 are coming to SNU straight from high school, making it the first time students entering straight from high school constitute less than 50 percent of the total number of entrants. Regarding early admissions, 87 percent of students were straight out of high school. The number of high schools that sent one or more students to SNU is 831, a decrease from last year’s 912. This number has been steadily growing from 618 in the year 2002, to 1013 in the year 2010, but fell this year to the lowest number since 2006. Of all freshmen students, the number of students from regular high schools fell, from last year’s 53.4 percent to 47.2 percent, while students from science high schools and foreign language high schools rose, from last year’s 27.5 percent to 31.5 percent. The sole perfect scorer of this year’s science major scholastic aptitude test failed to enter SNU. more
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