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[Issue 53] SNU Professor Unravels the Secret of Sleep Mechanism

  • March 5, 2014
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SNU Professor Unravels the Secret of Sleep Mechanism
SNU Professor Unravels the Secret of Sleep Mechanism
February 28, 2014 Professor BAEK Sung Hee’s research team of the College of Biological Sciences announced the discovery of a protein which controls the human body’s biorhythm. The research team looked into the biorhythm of mice and found that the LSD1 protein combines with phosphoric acid and makes mice more active. When the team prevented the phosphorylation of LSD1, the mice showed less movement. The team also found that these mice had trouble adjusting their biological clock according to changes in light exposure. Professor Baek said that she expects to use these findings to develop a cure for sleep disturbances. This research has been published in the February 27 online edition of Molecular Cell. more
SNU Matriculation Ceremony Held
SNU Matriculation Ceremony Held
March 3, 2014 SNU held its annual matriculation ceremony on March 3, at the University Main Gymnasium. The composition of students who entered SNU this year was 3,379 undergraduates, 1,739 graduate students and 778 doctoral students. President Yeon Cheon OH advised students to think independently as adults, take action in accordance with those thoughts diligently and take responsibility for their actions. Honorary Professor HEO SeongDo (Department of Chinese and Chinese Literature) made a congratulatory speech in which he stressed the importance of reading. “Although your parents will want to take pictures of you and have you go to lunch with them after the ceremony, tell them you have to go to the library,” he said. “Spend your first year at SNU in the library.” more
Professor NAM Jwa-Min Develops Bio-Barcode Which Detects Micro RNA
Professor NAM Jwa-Min Develops Bio-Barcode Which Detects Micro RNA
March 5, 2014 Professor NAM Jwa-Min’s research team of the Department of Chemistry has developed a new type of DNA-modified gold nanoparticle-based bio-barcode assay. Micro RNA (miRNA) is an indicator of cancer, and the research team found a way to detect miRNA using DNA bio-barcodes which combine with specific miRNAs. When a DNA bio-barcode detects a miRNA, it automatically adheres to the gold nanoparticle. The team then removed the gold nanoparticle and analyzed the remainder using the gel electrophoresis platform. They found that the DNA bio-barcode accurately detected miRNA-155 and miRNA-21. Professor Nam believes this technology can be used for the early diagnosis of novel swine-origin influenza A. This research was published in the February 26 edition of Nature Communications. more
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