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[Issue 55] Cardinal YEOM Hosts SNU Beginning of Semester Mass

  • March 19, 2014
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SNU NOW is an online newsletter for international members of SNU community
Professor PARK Tai Hyun Develops Bioelectronic Nose
Professor PARK Tai Hyun Develops Bioelectronic Nose
March 10, 2014 Professor PARK Tai Hyun (Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering) announced the development of an electronic nose which can detect cancer in the cover article of the March edition of Advanced Healthcare Materials. His electronic nose uses odor receptor proteins from the human body, hence it is called a ‘bioelectronic’ nose. Professor Park found an odor protein which combines with heptanal, a substance found uniquely in lung cancer patients, and attached it to a carbon nanotube. This bioelectronic nose succeeded in detecting 1 in a quadrillion heptanal. Using similar technology, Professor Park has already developed a bioelectronic tongue. Professor Park states his ultimate goal is to create an electronic nose which has the same abilities as that of a human nose. more
Professor AN Kyungwon Confirms the Existence of Vacuum Energy
Professor AN Kyungwon Confirms the Existence of Vacuum Energy
March 11, 2014 Professor AN Kyungwon’s research team of the Department of Physics and Astronomy succeeded in imaging vacuum energy which, until now, only existed in theory. The research team focused on the fact that atoms with high energy levels respond to the electromagnetic field formed by vacuum energy and emit light. The team shot barium atoms through a hole only 170 nanometers in diameter. The atoms flew between two mirrors in vacuum state and emitted photons in a regular cycle. The team explained that the atoms were emitting photons according to the pre-existing vacuum energy’s dispersion. Professor An stated that this could be applied to quantum information technology such as quantum computers. This study was published in the March 7 edition of Nature Communications. more
Cardinal Andrew YEOM Soo-jung Hosts SNU Beginning of Semester Mass
Cardinal Andrew YEOM Soo-jung Hosts SNU Beginning of Semester Mass
March 13, 2014 Cardinal Andrew YEOM Soo-jung hosted the SNU spring semester’s first mass which was held March 13 at the University Culture Center. Approximately 300 students and faculty members attended the ceremony. Since last year, the Catholic population of SNU had requested that His Eminence host mass at SNU, at which time he was the Archbishop of Seoul. SNU stated its hopes that the visit of His Eminence would spread the message of reconciliation, peace and hope throughout SNU regardless of religious affiliation. more
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