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[Issue 58] SNU Offers Three Online Courses through edX

  • April 3, 2014
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SNU NOW is an online newsletter for international members of SNU community
SNU Offers Three Online Courses through edX
SNU Offers Three Online Courses through edX
March 26, 2014 Starting March 28, SNU will offer three courses through edX, a non-profit organization which offers online classes from world renowned universities. SNU signed an agreement with edX in 2013 and will upload courses under the ID ‘SNUx’. The three courses to be offered are International Politics on the Korean Peninsula taught by Professor Dong-Joon JO, Introductory Physics taught by Professor Seonho CHOI and Robot Mechanics and Control taught by Professor Frank Chongwoo PARK. These courses are recordings of actual classes at SNU which were offered last spring semester. EdX was founded by Harvard and MIT and now offers over 160 courses from 34 world renowned universities. more
3D Nanoprinting Technology Acknowledged by Nature
3D Nanoprinting Technology Acknowledged by Nature
March 27, 2014 Professor KIM Ho-Young of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has developed a new technology which enables 3D printing at nanometer levels using nanofiber spinning. This was first published in the January 28 issue of Langmuir, and then was printed in the Research Highlight section in the March 20 issue of Nature. Professor Kim succeeded in piling nano-polymer threads created by means of electrospinning, thereby establishing a small wall. He expects that this technology will enhance the accuracy and ease of forming nanoscale 3D structures. more
Thai Professor Becomes a Student at SNU
Thai Professor Becomes a Student at SNU
March 30, 2014 Professor Butsaban KAMON, a professor of international studies at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, was selected as one of the 5 professors from underdeveloped countries to be awarded the SNU President Fellowship. Korean was Professor Kamon’s second major, as he was interested in South Korea’s fast economic development after the Korean War. “Many Thai students are interested in Korean society, its history and politics,” said Professor Kamon, “and though many universities in Thailand teach Korean, not many of them teach Korean society, history or politics along with the language.” He says he regrets this, as he believes that language is best absorbed when it is taught with other subjects. more
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