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[Issue 65] Engineering and Medicine Convergence Research Topics Chosen

  • May 21, 2014
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Engineering and Medicine Convergence Research Topics Chosen
April 30, 2014 The Colleges of Engineering and Medicine have selected this year’s convergence research topics. Since 2011, the two Colleges have carried out joint research projects on 3 topics each year which require input from both engineers and doctors alike. This year, they have increased the number of research topics to six, as twenty-one topics were suggested. This year’s topics include producing arm rehabilitation orthoses using 3D printers, developing algorithms to eradicate metal virtual images in abdominal CT scans, and adjusting hand to wrist angle using pressure sensors. Professor LEE Kunwoo (dean of the College of Engineering) expressed hopes that medical research combined with engineering technology will continue to enable the development of new medical instruments. more
Professor Takhee LEE Creates Thin Film Electronic Element from MoS₂
Professor Takhee LEE Creates Thin Film Electronic Element from MoS₂
May 7, 2014 Professor Takhee LEE’s research team (Department of Physics and Astronomy) has succeeded in creating a thin film electronic element using molybdenum disulphide (MoS₂). MoS₂ is only a single atomic layer thick and possesses the characteristics of a semiconductor. The research team used chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to create a broad layer, several centimeters in width, of electronic elements. To distribute MoS₂ exactly where they wanted it, the team made use of a ‘shadow mask’ -- a board with holes. This way, further post-patterning processes can be avoided. Professor LEE stated that this research “increased the possibility of utilizing very thin semiconductor materials.” This research was published in the online edition of ACS Nano on April 14. more
SNU Model School for Unification Prepares for Korea’s Future Unification
May 12, 2014 SNU College of Education has announced its decision to open a ‘Model Unification School’ to prepare for education after Korea’s unification. The model unification school will be opened in the SNU Elementary and Middle Schools, where certain classes will be designated to include both South Korean students and North Korean defectors. These classes will first start as after school classes, and will gradually be integrated into regular classes. These attempts are expected to show us which educational environment would best suit our classrooms after unification. Over the next 4 years, SNU plans to initiate10 more projects for this purpose. One of them will involve the training of ‘unification faculty,’ as the College of Education is considering introducing a quota system for incoming students with North Korean backgrounds. more
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