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[Issue 66] Giving to Full Time Doctoral Students in Humanities

  • May 28, 2014
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SNU NOW is an online newsletter for international members of SNU community
SNU Supports Next Generation of Academics
SNU Supports Next Generation of Academics
May 14, 2014 On March 13, SNU announced the ‘Next Generation of Academics in Basic Research for the Year 2014’ recipient list at Hoam Faculty Center. This year, a total of 58 students have been selected on the basis of their study plans, research thesis proposals and previous research results. Those still completing their course work in their doctorate degree programs will receive 20,000,000KRW a year, while those preparing their doctoral dissertations will be awarded 24,000,000KRW. more
College of Humanities Will Grant Living Expenses Scholarships to Full Time Doctoral Students
College of Humanities Will Grant Living Expenses Scholarships to Full Time Doctoral Students
May 20, 2014 The College of Humanities has announced that it will be granting scholarships which cover living expenses to full time doctoral students, in order to help them focus on writing their dissertations without getting sidetracked by part-time jobs. Fifteen students will receive 1,500,000KRW a month for up to one year. When the recipient submits his or her dissertation, he or she will no longer be able to receive this scholarship, but instead will be given 2,000,000KRW to support academic activities. Students who have not yet submitted their dissertations but satisfy every other graduation requirement are eligible for this scholarship. The College of Humanities will select the recipients every June upon the recommendation of the 16 departments within the College. more
SNU Co-Hosts Bio Art Contest
SNU Co-Hosts Bio Art Contest
May 21, 2014 SNU Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center (Biocon) is co-hosting the ‘2014 Bio-Art Contest’ with the company SeouLin Bioscience. This year’s topic is ‘life and creation’, and contestants are encouraged to submit works of art in any form –- including fine art, visual design, photography, and photomicrography. Professor Sung Hoon KIM, head of Biocon, stated that “bio-art is virtually unlimited, as we can find it in our everyday lives. It does not have to follow the expressive techniques of art, or the experimental method of science. We hope that we can share beauty found in every living thing itself.” Submissions can be made from May 20 to August 14, and the award winning works will be displayed in a bio-art exhibition in October. more
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