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[Issue 67] "Nobel Predictions” Database Names Three SNU Professors

  • June 4, 2014
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SNU NOW is an online newsletter for international members of SNU community
Interview with Professor Roland Breitenfeld
Interview with Professor Roland Breitenfeld
May 26, 2014 Professor Roland Breitenfeld (Department of Composition), who has been teaching computer music and electronic music at SNU since 2006, had an interview with Hankook Ilbo. Professor Breitenfeld has worked on digitalizing Korean music, by computerizing the sound of Korean traditional instruments such as the janggu, gayageum and haegeum. He has also composed many pieces of music for the buildings and sculptures of Seoul. Professor Breitenfeld stated that the music he plays is closely related to the places where it is played, and that he likes “very small villages” like Hyeri near the city of Paju. Currently, he is composing a four-act opera based on Saint-Exupery’s book The Little Prince. The opera will be performed in both German and Korean, and will be premiered at the Seoul Opera House this September. more
A Technology Which Only Detects ‘Living’ Food Poisoning Bacteria
May 30, 2014 Professor RYU Sangryeol’s research team (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) has developed a new technology which singles out living food poisoning bacteria, namely salmonella bacteria. The team used bacteriophage, a virus which only hosts on living bacteria, to detect salmonella bacteria. Before, detecting salmonella bacteria required several days of bacterial culturing, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was unreliable as it multiplied the number of dead bacteria. Professor Ryu’s team injected bacteriophage into lettuce, ham and milk and succeeded in detecting the exact number of salmonella bacteria within two hours of injection. This research was published in Analytical Chemistry (American Chemical Society) on May 8. more
"Nobel Predictions” Database Names Three SNU Professors
May 31, 2014 Professors Vic Narry KIM (Department of Biological Sciences), Taeghwan HYEON (School of Chemical and Biological Engineering) and YoungJoon SURH (Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology) were included in the ‘New List of Highly Cited Scientists, 2002-2012’ by Thomson Reuters analyst David Pendlebury. The list used the same database (‘Web of Science’) as that used in Thomson Reuter’s Nobel Predictions each year. more
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