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[Issue 69] History of SNU Museum to Be Opened at SNU Main Gate

  • June 18, 2014
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History of SNU Museum to Be Opened at SNU Main Gate
June 11, 2014 The SNU Alumni Association has donated 10 billion Korean won to SNU to build a museum about the history of the university. The History of SNU Museum will be a three-story high building and will be located near the SNU Main Gate. The head of the Alumni Association, Mr. Jeong Hwa SOHN, expressed hopes that the museum would deliver a sense of pride to SNU alumni, as it will put on display the university’s history and how SNU has contributed to the development of this country. more
SNU Pyeongchang Campus Opens
SNU Pyeongchang Campus Opens
June 13, 2014 The SNU Pyeongchang Campus opened on June 12 after five years of construction. Investment in the construction of the new campus amounted to KRW336,000,000,000, and includes five research centers and four research facilities. This fall, the Graduate School of International Agriculture Technology will be opened here, where it will continue training specialists in the field of agriculture needed in organizations such as KOTRA, KOICA and the UN and imparting knowledge of our agriculture technology to students from the least developed countries. Twenty-one square meters of a university-industry cooperation complex is still under construction and will include research labs of related industry companies. The SNU Pyeongchang Campus will deal mostly with green bio technology. President OH Yeon-Cheon stated that “SNU opened the Pyeongchang campus to contribute to Gangwon Province and Pyeongchang County. We will establish an academic and industrial cluster on green bio technology which represents East Asia.” Local residents of Pyeongchang welcomed the new SNU campus, and expressed hopes that the region’s agriculture and stockbreeding industry will profit from SNU’s help. more
SNU Reduces Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 1,300 Tons
June 15, 2014 SNU managed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 1300 tons between March and August of last year. Special attention was paid to 5 organizations (the Colleges of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Gwanak Dormitories) which were responsible for forty-five percent of the total SNU greenhouse gas emission quantity. These organizations introduced activities such as turning the lights off during the lunch period, installing timers on copy machines, water purifiers and other appliances and equipment, and, in the case of three of them, succeeded in decreasing emissions. These organizations were given KRW50,000,000 to carry out further energy saving projects. In the future, SNU plans to impose penalties on campus organizations which fail to remain under their allocated emission limit. more
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