[Issue 16] The BESETO Lecture: Learning Through the Screen

July 15, 2012

 International The BESETO Lecture: Learning Through the Screen

This unique BESETO lecture was established as a joint commitment between the SNU Asia Research Institute, the Department of Communications of SNU and the Korea Foundation.
Donations Former Deputy Prime Minister LEE Han Bin Donates 520 thousand USD to SNU
The 14th Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economic Planning Board LEE Han Bin and his family donated 520 thousand USD to SNU.
Students 2012 International Organizations Special Lecture
The Career Development Center hosted a special lecture titled"Preparing to Work at an International Organization" to inform students about working at international organizations.
Campus How SNU Has Changed to Better Accommodate for Disabled Students
The Disabled Students Support Center held a conference to share a glimpse of disabled students' experiences at SNU and to evaluate how accessible to the disabled SNU has become over the past decade.
Campus How SNU Can Provide Better Support for Disabled Students
The participants of the conference talk about the direction SNU has to take in order to further promote accessibility for students with disabilities.
Research A New Method of Detecting Target Proteins
Professor PARK Seung Bum of SNU's Department of Biophysics and Chemical Biology and his team developed a new method of detecting a target protein.
Research Professor CHOI Bong Kyu Finds a Cause of Periodontitis
A team of researchers led by Professor CHOI Bong Kyu of SNU's School of Dentistry published a paper that showed a cause of periodontitis, a type of gum diseases, in the prestigious immunology journal 'Immunity'.
Event SNU Museum of Art Exhibition:"Peter Jensen's Muses"
SNU Museum of Art currently has the exhibition"Peter Jensen's Muses" on display.

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