[Issue 44] 13th BESETOHA University Presidents’ Forum Held at SNU

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13th BESETOHA University Presidents’ Forum Held at SNU
13th BESETOHA University Presidents’ Forum Held at SNU
December 7, 2013 The BESETOHA University Presidents’ Forum, a meeting of the presidents of SNU, Peking University (WANG Enge), the University of Tokyo (Hamada Junichi) and Hanoi National University (PHUNG Xuan Nha), was held on December 6 at the Hoam Faculty House, under the theme of ‘Asian Consensus for Education’. SNU President OH said in his welcoming speech that the BESETOHA universities should cooperate to create an Asian community, and for this the 4 universities should introduce unlimited credit exchange. The BESETOHA University Presidents’ Forum is an annual event which first started in the year 2000. more
15 Russian University Presidents Visit SNU
December 8, 2013 Fifteen presidents of Russian universities including the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Far Eastern Federal University and the National University of Science and Technology visited SNU and discussed potential means of academic exchange and cooperation. The presidents shared ideas on achieving global competence, academic freedom and governmental financial support. The Russian university presidents also expressed interest in creating joint degree programs with SNU. There are currently 8 undergraduate, 21 graduate and 7 doctoral students from Russia at SNU. more
SNU PyeongChang Greenbio Complex Opens International Agriculture Technology Graduate School Next Year
December 9, 2013 The new Graduate School of International Agricultural Studies will open on the SNU PyeongChang campus next fall semester. The graduate school will be accepting 60 students and 40 more international students. The school’s aim is to educate agriculture specialists and it will run short term programs for public officers and students from underdeveloped countries. PyeongChang County expects to become a leading place of agriculture and stock farming with the help of this school. more
 MA Yun, Founder of Alibaba, Gives Lecture at SNU
MA Yun, Founder of Alibaba, Gives Lecture at SNU
December 10, 2013 Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba, the world’s largest Internet based e-commerce website, gave a lecture to SNU students and reiterated the importance of a positive and enthusiastic attitude. He summed up his key to success with the three NOs: no money, no knowledge of technology and no plans. He said that too many companies have too much money they cannot spend. Money is only one of the many resources needed and problems should be solved with brains, not with money. He said that most people have no understanding of technology, and if he himself who had no knowledge of technology could use a new product with ease, others could do it too. Also, as the world is constantly changing, he said that to “keep changing is the best plan”. After asking the audience “Where is opportunity?” he answered the question himself by saying that where there is a problem, there is always an opportunity to solve it. more
Professor KOO BonChul Discovers Phosphorous From Space
Professor KOO BonChul Discovers Phosphorous From Space
December 13, 2013 Professor KOO BonChul of the Department of Physics and Astronomy discovered a substantial amount of phosphorous out in space, an element which is a component of DNA and human bones. This proves that the major 6 elements needed to preserve life -- carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and sulfur -- all originate from the universe. The SNU, Toronto University and Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics joint research team succeeded in observing infrared rays emitted by phosphorous at the Cassiopeia A spot. The observed amount of phosphorous this time is 100 times stronger than what is usually observed. The research team believes this phosphorous was created some 300 years ago when a star, 15 to 25 times larger than the sun, exploded. The specifics of this discovery were published in the December 12 publication of Science. more
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