[Issue 51] Interview with Professor AHN Curie

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Interview with Professor Curie AHN of SNU Hospital
Interview with Professor Curie AHN of SNU Hospital
February 14, 2014 Professor Curie AHN, a leading specialist in the field of immunology and transplant immunology, was interviewed by Kyunghyang Shinmun as part of a series of interviews with female doctors. Professor Ahn was the first female doctor in SNU Hospital’s Department of Internal Medicine and is a pioneer of Korean public health services, volunteering at the Raphael Center, a medical center for immigrants, for the past 18 years. The reason she became a doctor, she says, is because her mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis, a hard to cure disease when Prof. Ahn was a little girl. Professor Ahn is also a relentless scholar, having published more than 90 articles in medical journals. She stated that she wants to be a humane doctor, as reflected in her motto ‘God even looks after tiny, nameless flowers’. more
SNU Doctoral Student Receives EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award
SNU Doctoral Student Receives EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award
February 15, 2014 Dr. Younghyun Kim of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Advisor: Professor Naehyuck Chang) was awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Award by the European Design and Automation Association (EDAA). This is the first time a Korean has received this award, and only the second time someone from Asia has received it. Dr. Kim’s dissertation, titled “Design and Runtime Optimizations of Hybrid Electrical Energy Storage Systems”, was acclaimed as it used pre-existing devices for storing electricity in designing hybrid storage systems. The EDAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting educational, scientific and technical activities related to electronic design and design automation. Every year, to encourage young researchers, it awards outstanding Ph.D. dissertations in 4 categories. more
SNU Regular Admissions Procedure to Be Simplified with CSAT Scores as the Sole Criterion
February 16, 2014 For incoming students of the year 2015, their Korean College Scholastic Aptitude Test (CSAT) scores will be the sole criterion upon which admission through SNU’s regular admissions program will be based. SNU President Yeon-Cheon OH announced that essay writing tests and interviews will no longer be required for students applying for regular admissions. SNU stated that they could not find any significant difference between the academic achievements of students chosen based solely on CSAT scores and students chosen based on scores, essay writing and oral interviews combined. As many students and parents have complained about the increasingly complicated college admissions procedures, even resorting to overpriced private counseling and tutoring, SNU is abolishing unnecessary stages to alleviate the burden on prospective students. more
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