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SNU Notice

A Call for SNU Global Scholarship Applications for Fall 2015

  • June 18, 2015
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Seoul National University(SNU) is proud to announce the beginning of its acceptance for SNU Global Scholarship applications for the Fall semester of 2015 to motivated and high-calibre graduate students at SNU. This Global Scholarship is designed to enable highly competitive students to concentrate on their research, and to promote global research environment at SNU.

■ SNU Global Scholarship for Fall 2015

  • 1.Eligibility : International graduate students of SNU
  • 2.Number of recipients
    ※ The number of recipients of each college will be determined after screening applications.
  • 3.Subsidies
    • 1)SNU Global Scholarship 1(in Korean '초우수 외국인 학문후속 세대 지원')
      : Tuition, Living Expenses(monthly KRW1,200,000), Round-trip Airfare
      ※ Public Sector Scholarship is included in SNU Global Scholarship 1.
      (Scholarship for public sector employees from developing countries, in Korean ‘개발도상국 공공부문 종사자 장학금’)
        : Graduate students with more than one year work experience at the public sector up to one year prior to the announcement of SNU admissions result are eligible.
        : Please submit the official document in English or Korean with an official seal, indicating employment history at the public sector.
    • 2)SNU Global Scholarship 2 (in Korean '초우수 외국인 핵심인재 지원')
      : Tuition
    • 3)Korean Language Special Program(in Korean ‘한국어 수업 지원’)
      : Tuition for Korean Language Special Program evening classes for 1 session(10 weeks) at the Language Education Institute of SNU
      ※ Korean Language Special Program applicants should complete on-line application for the program(evening class) until August 7(Fri.), 2015 at
    • Applicants can choose more than one program among three options in their SNU Global Scholarship application form.
  • 4.Duration of Award : 1 year
    ※ Please note the recipients of the SNU Global Scholarship Program might be restricted from taking leave of absence.
  • 5.Required documents
    1) Application form
    2) Transcript of academic record at your final educational institution
  • 6.Submission
    : Please submit an application and other required documents by post or in person to the Scholarship Officer at your respective college within SNU
    ※ Address
    1) Gwanak Campus
      : 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742, Republic of Korea
        College of ○○○(or Graduate School of ○○○), Seoul National University
        Scholarship Officer
    2) Yongon Campus
      : 103 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-799, Republic of Korea
        College of ○○○(or Graduate School of ○○○), Seoul National University
        Scholarship Officer
  • 7.Submission Period : 9am ~ 6pm, June 17(Wed.) ~ July 10(Fri.), 2015
  • 8.Result Announcement : August, 2015
    ※ Only finally selected candidates will be notified individually by each college.
    Please contact the office at your college for inquiries on the result.
  • 9.Inquiries
    College of Humanities(인문대학) : +82-2-880-6007
    College of Social Sciences(사회과학대학) : +82-2-880-6309
    College of Natural Sciences(자연과학대학) : +82-2-880-8160
    College of Nursing(간호대학) : +82-2-740-8461
    College of Business Administration(경영대학) : +82-2-880-6908
    College of Engineering(공과대학) : +82-2-880-8079, Heesun Kim)
      Bldg.#39 - Rm.# 212, Office of International Affairs
      College of Engineering, Seoul National University
      1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-744, KOREA
    College of Agriculture and Life Sciences(농업생명과학대학) : +82-2-880-4538
    College of Fine Arts(미술대학) : +82-2-880-7454
    College of Law(법과대학) : +82-2-880-7538
    College of Education(사범대학) : +82-2-880-8872
    College of Human Ecology(생활과학대학) : +82-2-880-6805
    College of Veterinary Medicine(수의과대학) : +82-2-880-1208
    College of Pharmacy(약학대학) : +82-2-880-7826
    College of Music(음악대학) : +82-2-880-7906
    College of Medicine(의과대학) : +82-2-740-8165
    College of Dentistry(치과대학) : +82-2-740-8612
    Graduate School of Public Health(보건대학) : +82-2-880-2708
    Graduate School of Public Administration(행정대학원) : +82-2-880-5603
    Graduate School of Environmental Studies(환경대학원) : +82-2-880-5642
    Graduate School of International Studies(국제대학원) : +82-2-880-8509
    Office of International Affairs(국제협력본부) : +82-2-880-2519,

Attached File : Application Form for Fall 2015

Admission Guide for International Students(Graduate), Spring 2016
2015 Fall International Students Admission Decision(Graduate)