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SNU Multicultural Education Center for Children &Research (MECCR) Enrollment Information for year 2011

  • December 3, 2010
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(tentative) SNU Multicultural Education Center for Children & Research
(MECCR) Enrollment Information for year 2011

SNU MECCR(scheduled to open in March 2011) enrollment information for year 2011 is as follow.

◈ Classroom Composition



Multicultural Classroom




International Classroom

3~5 (Mixed age group)

  1) Multicultural Classroom : Besides a classroom teacher, an English teacher teaches Multi-language/
                                          Multiculral program one hour per day
      International Classroom : 2 classroom teachers(1 Korean speaking teacher & 1 English speaking teacher)
                                           provide bilingual environment
   2) Classroom type can be chosen when applying however, dual apply is restricted.
   3) Classroom formation standard: Age 3 classroom: D.O.B (`07.01~`07.12); Age 4 classroom: D.O.B     
                                                  (`06.01~`06.12); Age 5 classroom: D.O.B (`05.01~`05.12)
    For children born in January & February, when parents request and if there is an opening, they can
    be placed in higher age classroom.

◈ Education Program



Project-approach Activity

Education program that promotes children's creative development through exploring and expressing themes of children's interest

Forrest Activity

Ecological education program that aims to develop children's sensitivity by learning nature that are located within the campus

Multi-language/ Multi-culture Activity

Education program that allows children to encounter diversity and develop openness to other cultures while providing high exposure to multi-language usage in their natural circumstances.

Art education Activity

Specialized art education program that supports children's expressive activity and sensitivity development

Individual specialty Activity
(Afternoon session))

SNU graduate students majoring in specific areas teach individuals or in a small group
Classes scheduled to be provided: violin, piano, Taekwondo, and etc. (Extra expense will be added when selected)

Extra-curricular Activity
(Afternoon session)

SNU graduate students majoring in specific areas teach for each class Classes scheduled to be provided: Art&Crafts(1/week), P.E.(2/week), Ballet(1/week), and etc.

Club Activity
(Afternoon Session)

Activity that promotes wide range of social experience, allowing children to develop independence and confidence, by working together with different age group in club activity which will be chosen by children
Classes scheduled to be provided: soccer, science lab, gifts(Froebel), woodcraft, cooking, musical, and etc.

◈ Operation Hours : Monday - Friday. AM 8:30 - PM 6:30

◈ Enrollment subject & Enrollment priority (as of March, 2011)
   - Enrollment subject : Child's parent who fulfil the first tier and second tier condition as of March, 2011
   - Enrollment priority list
  ① First Tier : SNU professor, employee(appointed by SNU president), research employee, current
   ② Second Tier : SNU direct organization employee, research employee(appointed by Dean)
             * SNU direct organization: SNU CO-OP, Hoam Faculty House
   - Children of foreign professors and abroad students have the first priority

◈ Application Registration

                                           Application Registration
  • Date & Time : Dec. 8(wed) AM 10:00 ~ PM 5:00
  • Location : 생활과학대학어린이집, Registration Desk
  • Documents for submission
     ① SNU MECCR Enrollment Application Form (※with child's photo).
     ② Original copy of Parent's certificate of employment or enrollment (including certificate
         of course completion).
     ③ Copy of the resident registration or copy of the certificate of alien registration
         (child's personal information). 
  • Enrollment acceptance is in order of application.

◈ Matters that require attention when applying for enrollment
   1) Parent's certificate of employment and enrollment shall be re-evaluated in March, 2011 and child's
       enrollment shall be canceled even after the start of school if parent's status is unqualified. 
   2) Application cannot be admitted with uncompleted documents.
   3) Submitted documents cannot be returned.

◈ Registration Desk Location 
     Building 941-1
   • Other Inquiries :
      tel: 880-5766     

      If you unable to contact by telephone, please send e-mail( and
      let me know your phone number and inquiries.

SNU Multicultural Education Center for Children & Research

Registration Procedures for Spring Semester of 2011
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