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President's Office

Selected Speeches

Year-End Party for International Faculty &Family Members

  • SNU PR
  • December 18, 2014
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President SUNG is giving a speech at the year-end party with foreign faculty members
President SUNG is giving a speech at the year-end party with foreign faculty members

17:00, December 18 (Thu), 2014
2nd floor, CJ International Center

Respected Global Faculty Members and the Families, Colleagues, and Ladies and Gentlemen,

This evening I am pleased to be with you here at the SNU International Office to celebrate the last days of the year 2014.

I am aware that you have experienced difficulties living at SNU in respect with language, culture and custom of Korea. Moreover, since SNU is a national university, I believe there exists gap between some aspects of our administration system and the international practice and procedures that you are accustomed to. You have successfully overcome such barriers and difficulties so far. Now is the time to narrow such gap and create a common atmosphere in which our global faculty could feel a sense of unity as members of the SNU community. I believe SNU will bring changes that you can realize in every aspect of living on and off the campus in a very short period of time.

Respected Global Faculty Members,

You have become a valued member of SNU, playing a crucial role in its academics, research, and enhancement of education. As the member of a family, we are standing at a point where everyone should work together to share the concern and prepare for the future of SNU. The success of SNU will be your achievement and happiness since SNU is also yours. No matter where you may be in the Global scene, you will be respected as an SNU faculty member. Furthermore, regardless of your nationality, you will represent SNU in any field of education and studies you participate in.

Respected SNU Family Members,

I wish you a good time in the remaining days of 2014. I look forward to a promising new year of the year 2015 for every one of you. Let us wrap up the year 2014 with an expectation of better tomorrow for Seoul National University.

Thank you.

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