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President's Office

Selected Speeches

2014 SNU ISI Closing Ceremony

  • SNU PR
  • August 6, 2014
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Event: 2014 SNU ISI Closing Ceremony
Date: 18:30, August 6 (Wed), 2014
Venue: Auditorium, Cultural Center

Dear members of ISI faculty and staff, and the 8th graduates of Seoul National University’s International Summer Institute.

It is my pleasure to be here with you today, not only because this is my first time to give a speech to the students of the International Summer Institute, but also because this is my first public speech in English since assuming the position as President of Seoul National University last month and I am very delighted that you are my first audience.

Over the past decade, Seoul National University has been putting great focus on internationalization. The goal of SNU’s internationalization can be summed up simply as “SNU in the World, and the World in SNU.” We hope to provide more international experiences to our students, and also to bring more international students to SNU. And this is not just about the physical experience of being abroad or having international students physically on SNU campus.

It is also and more importantly about the sharing of common values and ideals and bringing greater understanding amongst the future leaders of the world and around the world. Of the many programs Seoul National University has and runs, the International Summer Institute is one of the central programs that fulfill this goal. Through ISI, Seoul National University becomes the base for students from universities all around the world to interact and learn, not only from the distinguished professors who teach courses in this program, but from one another.

And I am happy to hear that this year’s program has been a huge success, thanks to the brilliant professors and eager-to-learn students. And that you are my first public audience holds great meaning to me personally, because by being on stage here today, I am able to meet you and thank you for being such a great addition to our university community.

At SNU, we emphasize honesty, integrity and community to our students and expect them to carry those values with them after they graduate, throughout their future. We consider not only academic performance but also personal ideals to be an essential part of our students’ future. We also encourage the students to branch out, to step into the world and think globally. Although your stay at SNU has only been six weeks, you are duly our students as well, and we hope that we were able to instill these values and to encourage you in this way as well.

I also hope all of you have had the chance to challenge yourself academically and experience the Korean culture to the fullest. As you journey back to their home countries, I hope you carry with you fond memories of summer spent here in Seoul National University, Korea. I believe that all of you will, as you did this summer, make the most of your lives.

Thank you for joining us this year and congratulations. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
2014 SNU-LG Press Fellowship
Inauguration Ceremony of the 26th President of Seoul National University, Nak-in SUNG