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LEE Jang-Moo, 24th President of Seoul National University

Lee, Jang-Moo 24th President of Seoul National University

Message from the President

Challenges and Opportunities

Since its establishment sixty years ago as the first national university in Korea, SNU has walked faithfully with the Korean people. It contributed significantly to Koreas spectacular economic progress in the twentieth century, and spearheaded democratization efforts on the peninsula. SNU has served as the nations brain, heart, and pulse; its intellect, passion, and conscience.

As we look back proudly on our past achievements, however, we realize that the road ahead of us is far from smooth. Far-reaching changes are occurring in the arts, sciences, economy and industry; social structures are shifting, and social values are being shaken to the core.

These challenges, I believe, are also opportunities. As the President of SNU, I will work hard to meet these challenges with hope and integrity. I pledge to do my utmost to create a university that is beloved by the people and recognized as one of the worlds great universities.

Lee, Jang-Moo
LEE Jang-Moo
24th President of Seoul National University