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OH Yeon-Cheon, 25th President of Seoul National University

OH Yeon-Cheon 25th President of Seoul National University

Message from the President

Welcome to the Seoul National University.

Seoul National University was founded in 1946 as the first national university in Korea. Throughout the modern history of Korea, the SNU Community has made invaluable contributions to the nation’s progress, playing a key role in numerous areas, including science, economics, and politics. In its commitment and dedication to research and education, SNU is at the absolute forefront among Asia’s academic institutions.

Facing new challenges in the 21st Century, SNU is dedicated to continuing its crucial academic role domestically as well as internationally. In an age where boundaries between countries, cultures, and fields of knowledge dramatically change, SNU aims to cultivate future leaders by providing students with a bigger, broader, and more expansive perspective on our global community. This is an aim that requires collaborative efforts across regions, traditions, and cultures. We thus invite you to join our academic community, and to aid us in our commitment to create a better future.

Thank you.

OH Yeon Cheon,
25th President of Seoul National University