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Korea Journal Published Its Current Issue

  • September 9, 2008
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Korea Journal's summer issue has been published under the title of ``Unearthing Joseon Court Life From Uigwe, Joseon's Documentary Heritage.''

`Uigwe` are royal protocols created for important royal ceremonies from the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910), which adopted Confucianism as the official state philosophy. The ``uigwe'' means a ``model of rituals,'' which were only produced during the Joseon period.

The journal delves into the royal protocols dedicated to making detailed records of life events. Kim Moon-sik, professor of Dankook University, focuses on ``Wonhaeng Eulmyo Jeongni Uigwe,'' which were compiled during King Jeongjo's reign.

Kim Ji-young, a researcher at the Institute of Historical Research at Seoul National University, writes about ``Banchado,'' the illustrations painted for processions by the king or royal household that took place as part of royal rituals.

Kim Jong-su, a researcher of the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, pens about ``Royal Banquets and Uigwe During the Late Joseon Period.''

The Korea Journal (ISSN 0023-3900) was founded as an English journal in 1961 with the ultimate aim of globally promoting all facets of Korean Studies. It appeared as a monthly until 1990, then became a quarterly publication and, more importantly, made a concentrated effort to become an academic journal.

In the beginning, the Korea Journal primarily focused on the introduction of traditional Korean culture to the world, but has recently shifted its focus by becoming a medium for intellectual dialogue and exchange between Korean and foreign scholars in the field of Korean Studies. The Journal includes articles, debates, book reviews and book notes.

The Korea Journal is circulated among Korean Studies institutes, universities, and agencies associated with UNESCO related agencies in 180 different countries, with a total of 2,200 copies published per issue.

You may read articles of Korea Journal's current issue on this website.

September 5, 2008
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