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Research Highlights

Professor KIM Youn Sang Develops Transparent Thin Film Diodes

  • April 13, 2015
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Professor KIM Youn Sang
Professor KIM Youn Sang

Professor Kim Youn Sang’s research team (Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology) has developed a thin film diode which can be used to make transparent displays. Formerly, transparent thin film diodes were made by combining P-type and N-type semiconductors (PN junction diodes). But PN junction diodes showed a limit in reaching complete transparency. The team put together a ZnO layer acting as a cathode buffer layer and various oxide insulators (such as SiO2) and found that the oxide insulators could be used for simply fabricated, transparent and highly stable electronic valves. The team also succeeded in demonstrating an electrostatic discharging diode that protects the ZnO thin-film transistors from high electrical stresses.

Summary by LEE Hee Un, SNU English Editor,
Proofread by Melora Brett Briana Johnson,

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