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Research Highlights

SNU Ranks First in Industry-University Cooperation Revenues

  • September 2, 2014
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SNU's industry-university cooperation revenues from March 2013 to February 2014 were recorded as amounting to 622.2 billion Korean won, the largest amount among all Korean universities. Yonsei University and Korea University earned 372.6 billion KRW and 226.8 KRW, respectively. Industry-university cooperation revenue consists of money earned by doing research for corporations, selling patents and technology owned by the University and contracting government projects. While 183 universities raised a total of 5,454,500,000,000 KRW, most universities showed heavy reliance on governmental support while only an average of 17.9 percent of revenues were earned independent of such support. SNU earned 113.9 billion KRW (18.4 percent) through independent means, which is a surge of 256 percent from last year. SNU explained this as the result of new technology agreements with construction and pharmaceutical companies.

Summary of the HanKook Economic Daily's news article published on Sept. 2, 2014
Summary by LEE Hee Un, SNU English Editor,

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