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Research Highlights

Professor HAN Mooyoung's Water-Saving Toilets

  • August 21, 2014
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Professor HAN Mooyoung
Professor HAN Mooyoung

SNU changed 24 of its toilets in Building No.35 on August 15 in an attempt to lessen water usage on campus. Professor HAN Mooyoung (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), who is famous for his rooftop garden projects, took charge. Previously installed toilets used 13 liters of water when flushed, but the new water-saving toilets use only 4 liters of water. Normal toilets use so much water because they use a u-trap (u-shaped pipe) to prevent gas and odor from coming up. Water-saving toilets use a straight but gated pipe which requires less water to flush excrement. By simple analysis, assuming school toilets are flushed 100 times a day, one toilet can save 328.5 tons of water every year. Professor Han has installed a flow-meter to measure water savings which he promises to announce in November.

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