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Research Highlights

SNU Created a Highly Efficient Green Quantum Dot LED

  • May 14, 2009
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SNU created a highly efficient light emitting diode (LED) that can help develop next-generation displays and computerchips.

Professor LEE Changhee, professor CHAR Kookheon and professor LEE Seonghoon said they have perfected a new production method that can produce high-quality greenquantum dot LEDs with superior brightness and purity characteristics that are easier to make than existing products.

The efforts to develop green quantum dot LEDs have generally resulted in expensive and poor-quality products that are limited in overall use. The new production method also cut costs and manufacturing time by around 30 percent.

The professors said the new LED has twice the efficiency, three times the brightness and 20 percent improved purity compared to existing products.

The development was published in the latest edition of Advanced Materials, an international peer-review science journal, and was featured in the April 22 issue of Asia Materials.

May 14, 2009
SNU PR Office

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