Nobel Prize Winner Paul Crutzen Appointed as SNU Professor

Paul J. Crutzen, a renowned scholar of Atmospheric Chemistry and winner of Nobel Prize Chemistry 1995, will become a member of SNU coming March.

Appointed as professor, Crutzen will take part in diverse research and education projects at SNU by conducting joint research programs and seminars, giving open lectures and teaching SNU students.

Professor Paul Crutzen won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1995 for demonstrating destruction of stratospheric ozone which protects the Earth from Sun's ultraviolet radiation. He was one of the first scientists to identify the causes of the hole in the ozone layer, and has been actively engaging in environmental efforts.

He has been showing interest in Asian climate matters as well, and was the Chief Scientist of Asian Brown Cloud Program from 2002 to 2005, a program designed to analyze and report on Asian smog problem. Professor Crutzen is currently a scientist at the Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany.

Seoul National University has been actively broadening its academic sphere by inviting world class scholars. Last March, Fields Medal winner Hironaka Heisuki was appointed as professor of Department of Mathematical Sciences and 22 foreign faculty members were newly appointed as full-time professors this fall.

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Written by Naeun Choi