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SNU College of Engineering Receives Award for Suicide Prevention Class

  • September 15, 2016
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Student Counseling Center at the College of Engineering
Student Counseling Center at the College of Engineering

The SNU College of Engineering recently received an award of recognition for a class that they developed on suicide prevention. The Suicide Prevention Day ceremony was held on September 9 at the Yangjae AT Center, by the Minister of Health and Welfare. Starting this past January, the College of Engineering designed a course for life respect education, or more specifically, suicide prevention education that was specially designed for freshmen students. The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Act 16 for suicide prevention methods aims to widely spread awareness about suicide and its prevention. At the ceremony, prizes were awarded to various individuals and organizations devoted to cultivating an environment that respects life.

On August 11, the Munhwa Ilbo reported that, starting with the SNU College of Engineering freshmen of 2016, this new class will be a graduation requirement for all undergraduates. Additionally, graduate students will also have to take this class in order to be able to write their before they can take their qualifying exams.

Professional lecturers and experts on suicide are to provide the education through lectures about the indication signs and motives of suicide. This education aims to provide students with accurate information about suicide and also encourage a sense of dignity and respect for life. In the Spring semester of 2016, 1100 undergraduate and graduate students registered for this course.

Written by: Yu Young Jin, SNU English Editor
Proofread by: Professor Travis Smith, Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations
Original article published in the Munhwa Ilbo

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