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2016 SNU Research Award

  • December 14, 2016
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Seoul National University has offered Excellence in Research Award since 2008 to honor the professors who made significant contribution to knowledge.

SNU awarded ten professors for this year at the awarding ceremony held on November 23: Professors LEE Nam In (Department of Philosophy), LEE Jihong (Department of Economics), PARK MyungKyu (Department of Sociology), AHN Kwangseog (Department of Biological Sciences), CHOI Haecheon (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), KIM Ki-Bum (Department of Materials Science and Engineering), CHUNG Inseop (Department of Law), JEONG Dae Hong (Department of Chemistry Education), LEE Mi Ock (Department of Pharmacy), and NOH DongYoung (Department of Medicine).

Professor LEE Nam In (Department of Philosophy)

Professor LEE Nam In
Professor LEE Nam In

Since appointed in 1995, Professor Lee has offered classes such as “Phenomenology,” “Understanding Western Philosophy,” and “Special Lecture in Modern Western Philosophy” and has made advancements in his field of phenomenology. He has been recognized not only in Korea but also worldwide as being a significant contributor to the progress of phenomenology and existential philosophy. Recognized by academics globally, he was invited to lecture at the Aron Gurwitsch Memorial Lecture in 1999 and in 2008 was elected a member of the International Institute of Philosophy (IIP), where he remains an active participant.

Professor LEE Jihong (Department of Economics)

Professor LEE Jihong’s wife
Professor LEE Jihong’s wife

Before joining the SNU Department of Economics, Professor Lee received his PhD in Economics at Cambridge University (2004) and taught at the University of London and Yonsei University. His research is in the field of microeconomics and game theory. He has regularly published in the renowned international economics journal Econometrica, making significant contributions to the growth of the field at both SNU and Korea as a whole.

Professor PARK Myoungkyu (Department of Sociology)

Professor PARK  Myoungkyu
Professor PARK Myoungkyu

Since appointed in 1994, Professor Park has offered courses in historical sociology, Korean social history, and North-South relations. In 2006, he founded the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies and as director, he has contributed greatly to establishing SNU as the hub of peace and unification studies. Professor Park was also chair of the Korean Social History Association and of the North Korea Social and Cultural Association. This year, he was appointed chair of the Korean Sociological Association. Recognized internationally for his research in intellectual history, he has collaborated with renowned European scholars and co-authored a volume with published by Oxford University Press (2015).

Professor AHN Kwangseog (Department of Biological Sciences)

Professor AHN Kwangseog
Professor AHN Kwangseog

Since appointed in 2004, Professor Ahn has made several advances in the field of virus immunology. His research has revealed the mechanisms behind chronic herpes, which affects some 70% of the world population. One of his recent discoveries includes an enzyme that breaks down the AIDS virus. Professor Ahn’s research and discoveries are published in immunology textbooks used worldwide. His work is considered key for the development of anti-virus vaccines. In 2016 Professor Ahn delivered a keynote lecture at the 2016 International Hepatitis B Virus Meeting. He continues to make impactful advancements at the forefront of virology and immunology research.

Professor CHOI Haecheon (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

Professor CHOI Haecheon
Professor CHOI Haecheon

Professor Choi joined SNU in 1993 and has made significant advancements in the field of fluid mechanics, especially in turbulence and flow control. He has developed new ideas of flow control strategies and fast and accurate numerical methods for turbulent flow predictions. As a recognized scientific researcher in his field, he is a fellow of the American Physical Society, and member of The Korean Academy of Science and Technology and The National Academy of Engineering of Korea. In addition to his contributions in these organizations, he is also a global scholar and editor of renowned journals in fluid dynamics.

Professor KIM Ki-Bum (Department of Materials Science and Engineering)

Professor KIM Ki-Bum
Professor KIM Ki-Bum

Professor Ki-Bum KIM joined SNU in 1992. He has been working on various semiconductor materials and semiconductor integration processing. In particular, he worked on understanding interfacial reactions between metal and semiconductor based on thermodynamic phase diagram. Moreover, he developed tantalum nitride (TaN) diffusion barrier material for Cu metallization integration process which is now widely employed as an industry standard material. Since the year 2000, he initiated and worked on nanotechnology area and developed a new nano-patterning technology based on atom image observed from high resolution transmission electron microscopy. Recently, he is working on DNA sequencing and biomolecule detection using solid-state nanopore device.

Professor CHUNG Inseop (Department of Law)

Professor CHUNG Inseop
Professor CHUNG Inseop

Since his joining SNU in 1995, Professor Chung has taught international law at the School of Law. Along with his research regarding the legal status of Korean residents in Japan, he has published important studies in the fields of international human rights law and treaty law. He also served as a Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) and as the president of the Korean Society of International Law. He is currently the president of Korean Association of Human Rights Law.

Professor JEONG Dae Hong (Department of Chemistry Education)

Professor JEONG Dae Hong
Professor JEONG Dae Hong

Since joining SNU in 2003, Professor Jeong has directed the study of experimental physics and has devoted his time to the research of biomolecular multiple measuring platforms using surface-enhanced Roman spectroscopy (SERS) nano-spectroscopic technology. This provided the basis for new South Korean technology, used in precision medicine diagnosis in various applications such as blood testing, biopsy, and endoscopy. Professor Jeong’s achievements have received recognition worldwide.

Professor LEE Mi Ock (Department of Pharmacy)

Professor LEE Mi Ock
Professor LEE Mi Ock

Since appointed in 2005, Professor Lee has directed the the study of physiopathology at SNU and has conducted research focusing on the physiopathological mechanisms of internal secretion. Her research has been published in more than 100 renowned academic journals. Her accomplishments include developing specific-response ligand-dependent transcription factors into new drug candidates, research for which she now holds multiple patents. Recognized for her research, she was awarded the Shin Poong Howol Scholarship Award and the Macrogen Woman Scientist Award.

Professor NOH Dong Young (Department of Medicine)

Professor NOH Dong Young
Professor NOH Dong Young

Professor Noh was appointed in 1990 and has since concentrated on the improving the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. He has especially been recognized worldwide for his contributions to the expansion of clinical research, and the discovery of biomarkers and other technical developments. He is on editorial and advisory boards of internationally acclaimed journals JAMA Oncology and Breast Cancer Research. The pink ribbon campaign that she began 16 years ago is an outstanding example of scholars practicing social responsibility. He continues to contribute immensely to the research of early detection and treatment processes of breast cancer.

Written by Ho Jung Annie Hwang, SNU English Editor,
Reviewed by Professor Travis Smith, Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations,

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