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Application for International Admissions

Things You Should Know After You Are Admitted

  1. Admitted student should complete registration (payment for tuition fee) in the designated period. Otherwise, admission decision will be rescinded.
  2. Applicants whose graduation status is pending during the time of the application should submit their graduation certificates to the Office of Admissions within 15 days after their enrollment at SNU. Failure to submit such a document without a valid reason may invalidate any admissions offer.
  3. Since July 14, 2007, Seoul National University has complied with the Apostille requirements in accordance with the 1961 Hague Convention. Accordingly, newly admitted students from countries which are signatories to the convention must attach and submit the Apostille. Students from countries which are NOT signatories to the convention must submit substitute documents; which can be official documents legalized by a Korean consular office, or another form of authentication (e.g. a Certificate of Authentication or a Certificate of Overseas Educational Institutions) issued by the Korean Embassy or Consulate. Please refer to Appendix 3 for further details.
  4. Please be sure that the University issues only the Certificate of Admissions for student VISA (type: D-2) application for the admitted students. For more information about submitting the Approval Number of Visa Issuance for Chinese students, please refer to the webpage of Office of International Affairs ( - Life at SNU - Immigration).
  5. Based on the application materials submitted, the admissions committee will decide whether each admitted student should take an additional Korean proficiecny test. Admitted students, who are notified of taking the Korean proficiency test at SNU Language Education Institution (LEI), should refer to the test schedule indicated in the “Reference Guide for the Admitted International Students” for the date and location of the test.
  6. If a students gets Level 4 or below in his/her Korean Proficiency Test as mentioned above, he/she may be limited to take certain courses or required to take Korean Language classes at the SNU Language Education Institute ( at their own expense. The applicability of this rule will be determined by the department in which the student is enrolled.
  7. Admitted students may not defer enrollment to a later semester. Students who wish to defer enrollment must re-apply for the next intake, OR undertake registration process first and then submit the leave of absence.
  8. After the announcement of admissions decision, admitted students will be given a booklet; ‘Reference Guide for the Admitted International Students’.
Last updated in June. 2016