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Application for International Admissions

How do I submit my application?

Both on-line application and document submission must be completed by designated period.

On-line Application

  • 1.The Application for Admission Form [Form 1] should be submitted during online application, as outlined on the SNU website ( The application fee (KRW 70,000) is payable online as well.
  • 2.Online application for the Spring 2017 intake must be completed by 18:00 (local time in Korea), July 14 (Thu), 2016. The application must include all of the relevant information about the applicant along with payment of the application fee via online. If there is no means of online application outside of Korea during the designated period, the application materials must arrive at the Office of Admissions, delivered in person or by post, before than 18:00 (local time in Korea), July 14 (Thu), 2016. In such a case, a bank draft (USD 65, Payable to the ‘Office of Admissions, SNU’) for the application fee must be enclosed in the application packet.

Document Submission

  • 1.Please submit all of the required documents as advised in admissions guide.
    • Original documents should be submitted. However, should they be unavailable, copies must be authorized by the document-issuing institution or notarized by a public notary.
    • Documents written in foreign language other than Korean or English must be notarized and translated into English or Korean.
    • When submitting your application packet, you may also enclose the sealed recommendation letters in it.
    • In case of being unable to submit the original score report of TOEFL, SAT, and/or AP due to delay in processing the requested report, applicants may submit a copy of report (ie. screen-shot of the score report captured online) within the designated period of document submissions. The original report, however, should be submitted later on when it is issued. Original report takes 5~6weeks to reach at SNU since score reporting.
  • 2.Please attach the Checklist (which can be downloaded after completing the online application on the online application website) to the envelope of your application packet. On the Checklist, correctly indicate your submitted documents and place the documents in sequential order as indicated on the Checklist.
  • 2.After the completion of both online application and document submission, you may check documents arrival on the SNU website to check the arrival status of your application packet. Online application number and date of birth are required.
Last updated in May 2016