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Maps & Directions

Gwanak Campus

Parking on Campus

Parking Booths

Visitors with vehicles must obtain parking tickets from booth A, B or C entering the campus, and should pay the parking fee on their way out.

Parking for Visitors map

Visitor’s Parking Fee

  • The parking rate is 1,500 won for the first 30 minutes and 300 won for every additional 10 minutes.
  • A flat rate for one-day parking (24 hours) is 40,000 won.
  • A 50% discount rate is applied to vehicles under 500cc.
  • Vehicles entering and exiting through the same gate within 15 minutes are exempted from the charge.

Parking Privileges

  • Vehicles attending official events held by the University are exempted from the charge.
  • The attendees of conferences, seminars or academic meetings may get a discount parking ticket purchased and distributed in advance by the holder of the events.
  • Vehicles carrying a disabled person are at all times exempted from the charge.

Parking Fee Exemption

Parking fees are not charged for the following vehicles driving onto the campus grounds.

  • Public transportation including taxis.
  • Public vehicles for mail delivery, garbage collection, etc.
  • Vehicles being used for construction work on campus

Discount Parking Tickets

  • Discount parking tickets can be given to visitors coming to attend events, seminars, conferences, etc. held on campus
  • They must be purchased in advance by the holder of the event and distributed to visitors with an application and the schedule/brochure of the event.
  • Individual purchases are permitted for those who are visiting construction sites, coming to perform repair work or to distribute supplies, or attending wedding ceremonies held on campus.
  • Discount tickets can be purchased at the Parking Management Office at Building #67, Room #103. (Tel. 02-880-8120)
  • Price of Discount Parking Tickets
    4 hour free ticket: 1,000 won
    8 hour free ticket: 2,000 won
    12 hour free ticket: 3,000 won
    All day free ticket: 4,000 won

Long-Term Parking Permit

The parking rate with long-term parking permissions is 10,000 KRW per month.
The long-term parking permit for 6 months is available for restricted to the members of SNU community as follows:

  • Faculty members (both full-time and part-time)
  • Graduate students in doctoral programs
  • University personnel

Parking Mangement Office

  • Tel. 82-2-880-8120
  • Location Building #67, Room #103

The Parking Management Office is in charge of selling discounted parking tickets, providing long-term parking permit, and others.

Last updated in 2012