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Maps & Directions

Gwanak Campus

Campus Shuttles

Seoul National University provides free shuttle buses for the convenience of its students at Gwanak Campus. There are four types: Off-Campus Shuttle Bus, On-Campus Circulation Shuttle Bus, Library Shuttle Bus, and shuttle buses for students with disabilities.

Off-Campus Shuttle BusOff-campus shuttle buses connect Gwanak Campus with SNU subway station line #2 and Shillim-dong, where a number of SNU students reside

SNU subway station ↔ Gwanak Campus

The shuttle bus stop at SNU subway station line #2 is located about 100m from exit #3. This bus will take you to the Administration Building (Building 60) at Gwanak Campus. In order to return to the subway station exit #2, board the shuttle bus at the same spot you got off (bus stop 4-1, on the right side of the two).

Another shuttle bus at SNU subway station line #2 departs for the Engineering Education Building (Bldg. 301 and 302). The bus stop is located about 50m from exit #3. If you want to go to the subway station from Buildings 301 and 302, you have to take a local city bus (green bus) or take the shuttle bus from the Administration Building (Bldg. 60).

SNU subway station ↔ Gwanak Campus

Shillim-dong ↔ Gwanak Campus

You can take the shuttle bus at Shillim-dong in front of the convenience store buy the way (about 200m from Woori Bank). You will be able to arrive at the Administration Building (Bldg. 60) as well. Boarding the shuttle bus at bus stop 4-1 (on the left side of the two) will take you back to in front of buy the way.

Off-campus shuttle buses run from 07:00 to 18:30 every Mon. -Fri. This time schedule only applies during the academic year. New time schedules for Summer/Winter Sessions are announced at those times. If you are seeking further detailed information on the above-mentioned locations and time schedules, please refer to the file schedules, please refer to the file Off-Campus Shuttle Bus

Shillim-dong ↔ Gwanak Campus

Bus Service Route Hours of Operation Location of Bus Stop
SNU Subway Station
Administration Building
Gwanak campus
07:00-18:30 Campus
Bus stops in front of the Administration Building (building Building #60)

Subway Station
Leave through exit #3 and walk up 100m

Shillim-dong, Nokdue Street
Next to bus terminal
Shillim-dong, Nokdue Street
Administration Building
Gwanak campus

On-Campus Circulation Shuttle Bus On campus, you may choose to get around by on- campus circulation shuttle buses. Many students take this shuttle bus line after arriving at the main gate of SNU by city bus or airplane limousine bus.

There are two on-campus routes: one is circulating the whole campus counterclockwise, following the boundary of it. This route includes 18 bus stops starting from the main gate of SNU and ending at the College of Business Administration (Bldg. 58). During the academic year, this shuttle bus runs from 08:00 to 19:00 and ends one hour earlier during Summer/Winter Sessions. The second route is shorter. It starts from the Administration Building (Bldg. 60) and mainly visits the Engineering Building (Bldg. 301 and 302). The time schedule for this route is from 10:00 to 19:00 during the academic year only. For further detailed information, please refer to the On-Campus Circulation Shuttle Bus Route1, Route2.

Library Shuttle Bus Library shuttle buses are night buses for students who study at the Central Library until late at night. These will also take you to either the subway station or Shillim-dong.

SNU operates nighttime shuttle buses for students studying until late at the library. You can take the bus right in front of the Administration Building (Bldg., 60) from 21:10 to 23:10, every 30 minutes. From 21:10 to 22:10 three buses are provided at each bus time whose routes are all different: the left one heads for Shillim-dong, the bus on the right side goes to SNU subway station line #2, and the bus in the middle will take you to SNU subway station line #2 via Shillim-dong (the direction is stated looking down from the Central Library). Meanwhile, four buses are provided at 22:40 and 23:10. You will be able to see four lines of students waiting for the bus in front of the Administration Building (Bldg. 60). The two on the left side head for Shillim-dong, and the other two on the right side go straight to SNU subway station line #2. Destinations of the library shuttle buses are the same as the off-campus shuttle buses that run during the day and are available during the academic year only.

Subway Station
During the semester 21:10 1 bus From 21:10 to 22:10
Bus #1: SNU Station
Bus #2: SNU Station via Shillim-dong
Bus #3: Shillim-dong

From 22:40 to 23:10
Bus #1,2: SNU Station
Bus #3,4: Shillim-dong

21:40 1 bus
22:10 1 bus
22:40 2 buses
23:10 2 buses
To Shillim- dong During the semester 21:10 2 buses
21:40 2 buses
22:10 2 buses
22:40 2 buses
23:10 2 buses

Shuttle Bus for Students with Disabilities There are shuttle buses equipped with wheelchair lifting devices for handicapped students. These buses are specially operated in order to aid physically challenged and/or blind students for their better mobility. Detailed information for each type of shuttle bus is as follows.

SNU provides special free shuttle buses only for students with physical disabilities and/or blindness attending SNU. The purpose of running this shuttle bus is to help handicapped students get to their classrooms more easily and further enhance their mobility on and off-campus. These buses are equipped with wheelchair lifting devices, and a helper is always riding the bus together with you for your convenience. The bus route will be newly decided every semester after considering the size of the user group and each individual’s destinations. In order to take advantage of this bus service, fill in the application form at the SNU Center for Students with Disabilities (located on the ground floor of the Administration Building #60, next to the post office) before the semester starts. You can also schedule the shuttle bus for one-time use by contacting either the Center at 82-2-880-8787 or the bus driver at 011-9143-8787.