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Professor HWANG Seung-sik
Prof. HWANG Seung-sik
Environmental Epidemiology, Spatiotemporal Epidemiology, Injury/Disaster/Emergency Medical System Epidemiology
Professor JO Dong-Joon
Prof. JO Dong-Joon
International Organization
Professor KWON Hyunji
Prof. KWON Hyunji
Sociology of Labor, Comparative Industrial Relation, Labor Market and Inequality Study
Professor JU Biung-ghi
Prof. JU Biung-ghi
JU, BIUNG-GHI is a professor in the Department of Economics at Seoul National University and the director of the Center for Distributive Justice. His research and teaching interests are in distributive justice, income distribution and inequality, social choice and voting, and fair allocation theory.
Professor KIM V. Narry
Prof. KIM V. Narry
Our lab researches gene regulation mediated by RNA. RNAs are at the core of posttranscriptional regulation, and play pivotal roles in developmental and pathological pathways. We currently work on three major topics (microRNA, RNA tail, and RNA binding proteins) applying biochemical and molecular biological tools, as well as genetic, biophysical, and computational approaches.